Advice for protection?

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Advice for protection?
Post # 1
Some say to put [for example] Bay Leaves on each corner of your house or room to protect those who dwell there. Can this method work, & is it necessary to charge such herbs yourself?

I know it can protect you from magic cast against you, negativity, or evil spirits. But what about physical protection? [Like getting hit by a car or something] .

Any other advice concerning protection herbs, to either carry, other methods etc. would be helpful as well ..
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Re: Advice for protection?
Post # 2
if you or someone you know is getting physically abused then call the police right away and don't delay any longer but if not and are just very super cautious then they might help it just depends on your level of faith but physical harm is something that is inevitable and is throughout daily life some herbs to help protect against this from what I was taught where bay, thyme, sage, and rosemary and if you want them to work properly in the protective effect that you want then you certainly need to charge them with your energy and intent so that it will protect you and I would suggest carrying rosemary and sage on you for protection and a pretty peaceful day
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Re: Advice for protection?
Post # 3
My mother ( a druidic pagan) always said that angelica root is the a powerful protector ( for children and women) i dont know if this helps at all. Washing your floor with frankincense or patcholi oil is excelent for clearing negativity and protecting
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Re: Advice for protection?
Post # 4
If you are looking for protection, I suggest making up a Guarding oil. My recipe is like this:
1 drop of Aloe oil
3 drops carnation oil (essential)
1 drop black pepper oi (essential)
1 drop of clove oil (essential)
2 drops curry leaf oil (essentia)l
3 drops maleluca oil (essential)
all dropped into a tea spoon olive or almond oil, then bottle to use. I suggest a bottle with a dropper top for easy use.

Use: drop 3-4 drops of Guarding oil on a bay leaf, then place above the doorway to protect the home or place above bed to protect yourself or others.
To bring Guarding with you, drop a few drops on either a talisman you carry always or on a cloth you keep in your pocket, though this isn't the strongest oil for outside the home protection. Goodluck!
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