New, looking for guidance

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New, looking for guidance
Post # 1
Hello, I'm fairly new to this. I joined because I need some help. I am going through a divorce and custody battle. I understand that is common, but I feel deep in my soul, that there are forces working against me with all of this. My soon to be ex's family are from Mexico, and they have often referred to his mom as a witch doctor. I need to learn how to protect my children and myself, and make sure that justice prevails. Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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Re: New, looking for guidance
Post # 2
You would have to start at the basics, but once you have it down you can cast protection.
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Re: New, looking for guidance
Post # 3
Hi all! :) I need some help. I figured it would be best to ask someone who has knowledge. My mom's neighbor/friend practices Wicca. And I am afraid she is trying to destroy my mom's relationship with her soon to be husband or worse. She is very interested in my mom's fiance and he has never reciprocated any feelings toward her. Only in a friendly manner. Long story short she came over to my mom's the other day and was insisting that she take this very old dusty plaque of some sort that had very old and yellowed paper on it and two trees I believe mom said they were pine. One was broken and one was not. In the middle of the plaque attached to the paper was a string tied in a bow. So my question is would this be some type of spell or attached to the item. Any info would be greatly appreciated!! ty so very much! :)
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Re: New, looking for guidance
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Becca- it would be difficult to know the intent of another person. I would definitely do some protection spells for your mom and fiance.

But, from what i know of trees and their significance, pine would generally be used for eliminating guilt. If someone were to intentionally cause harm they may want to use Elder tree instead.

Also, from any breakup or divorce spell I've ever seen... the string would be tied into knots not into a bow.

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Re: New, looking for guidance
Post # 5
Thank you so very much. Mom just stopped by this morning. She is freaking out. We are christian but somehow in our family my mother and I have been given the gift of "foresite" for lack of a better term lol. We know when things are gonna happen just not exactly who and how. I have dreams and visions for the most part and so does she. Mom is alot more sensitive than I am most of the time. She is really worried because she just told me that she had a terrible dream of one of our close family members deaths (although it's never that person in reality) and she was driving to the pharmacy and she said something about a grey smoke and she got chills. She is terrified that the neighbor friend is trying to get mom out of the picture.Do you think that maybe a spell or hex was attached to the plaque and not really had anything to do with the contents of the plaque? So sorry to bother everyone lol. But I believe firmly if you don't know about something you always ask someone of experience lol. And again thank you so much. :)
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