can someone help me?

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can someone help me?
Post # 1
Hi, I'm quite new in SoM and have been practicing magics for about 2 years. I've decided that I will follow the path of elemental magics, but I've got no teacher to teach me about that. All this time I've been learning by myself, and well... I'm not so proud with the results. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that I prefer air elemental

Some skills that I already can do is:
1. cursing. I'm natural in this one. I've tried using spells but the result is weaker and more inaccurate than without spells.
2. calling rain. sometimes I use spell, sometimes I just wish it and it comes, sometimes I planned it (like, it will rain two days from now in the afternoon until the next morning)
3. control the rain. the intensity, for how long, and sometimes the thunders
4. sense ghosts. Is it magic? Im not sure. but It got keener and keener since I practice magic. Now I can make the outline of the ghost without seeing it with my eyes (ugh.. you know.. seeing without seeing.. I can't explain it)

can some be my teacher? I'll accept anyone. male/female, young/old, any religion, whatever.
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Re: can someone help me?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
1. spells can help you quite a habit, but it's not an instant thing. you need to work at it yourself.

2. weather spells are a grey area, some feel they work, others feel they don't. research and draw your own conclusion. working with the theory they are real, you're toying with forces humans shouldn't. you're not so much parting clouds for the sun as you are moving weather patterns. this can result in very negative things, you might have your sunny day, the next county over might experience a flood because you moved the rain clouds into an area that couldn't handle that much rain. [example]

3. see above answer.

4. not really, but it's connected. as you meditate, balance chakra's, and go through your training you are strengthening your connection with other beings, hence your heightened senses.

good luck to you in your path. i personally don't teach, perhaps you should talk to your coven.
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Re: can someone help me?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to General Info from Welcome.
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Re: can someone help me?
Post # 4
Hi IAm Also Like You Only .Searched For TeachersLast One Year.And I Got Many WitchCraft Teching acadamy.if you need mail me iam goldendawn
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