Strange Meditation Effect

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Strange Meditation Effect
Post # 1
I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to put this but I had a weird experience last night while meditating. I always meditate at night in front of my window so I can see the moon (it makes me feel calm). Last night when I was done meditating I felt pressure on my back, like someone was slowly pushing me to kneel forward. When I did the pressure caused me to sit back up right and suddenly I couldn't hold up my head.

I was slightly shaken but I felt peaceful and happy instead of panicked. The weirder part was before the pressure came where I saw silvery shadows flickering in my room...Thought it was my imagination.

Anyways has anyone else experienced this before? Does anyone know what happened?

Or did I meditate incorrectly?

Really confused,
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Re: Strange Meditation Effect
Post # 2
well silery most likly refers to your guardion seems you may have possibly almost passed out or fainted and that you were simply being may also be preserved that you possibly had another spirit of the moon communicating with you.and giving you signs and msgs for the future. as a safety. wear some forms of protection next time and do a full cleansing on your room.remember when meditating your more likely to be open to who knows what so it should put any possible fears to rest after you do a salt favored type .and don't let it stop you^^ iv done many meditations and it seems your very gifted so id suggest looking into other meditations aswell .and never try forcing yourself.relax always and let things flow
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Re: Strange Meditation Effect
Post # 3
Thank you for the advise :D
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Re: Strange Meditation Effect
Post # 4
The pressure that you felt, in my mind, leads me to believe that your body may have been subconsciously telling you to thank something. The manner of kneeling is generally seen as a sign of respect (depending on the culture of course), which may be why you felt at peace.

Not being able to hold your head up may be another subconscious gesture. In the past, it was seen as disrespectful to look a ruler or leader in the eyes, and this could be represented by the silvery shadow.

If you believe in past lives/reincarnation, them you may have just relived a moment where you could have been kneeling in front of royalty.

Now, take everything I've written with a grain of salt, because I'm not extremely experienced with this sort of thing.
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