Card Fall Curiosity

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Card Fall Curiosity

Card Fall Curiosity
By: / Novice
Post # 1

I'm curious about what tarot readers, other divination readers, and the like consider of cards which fall out of a deck while shuffling.

I've been working with tarot for a while, and I always have shuffled anything that falls out back into the deck throughly. However, while working with a new oracle deck and becoming accustomed to it, I have run into the idea that your energy field will pull that particular card out of the deck, just for you. I'm curious if anyone has run into this idea before, and how they consider cards that fall out in their own experiences.

Tonight, while shuffling that new oracle deck I mentioned, I managed to shuffle just right, so that a card perfectly aligned with my question popped up, or rather, it was a card that fully embodied my question. If you have any similar experiences, please do share.

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Re: Card Fall Curiosity
Post # 2
That used to happen to me a lot so i started shuffling them slower, I used to hate it because I always start again if something goes wrong when it comes to Tarot.

Also, I don't see why the cards shouldn't mean something, I mean maybe it's just a sign that you're finished shuffling (I never took it as that because my Tarot cards are bigger than my hands xD)But yes it could mean something, could not be something. It's al about how you take it.
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Re: Card Fall Curiosity
Post # 3
Some people believe that the card does mean something to the reading others dont it mostly a mater of Opinion i havent been doing Taro that long and only do it for myself right now but i place any card that comes put aside till after the reading
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Re: Card Fall Curiosity
Post # 4
I always consider the cards that fall out even if I dont use it in the reading. It has something to say
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Re: Card Fall Curiosity
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Cards that fall out of the deck when shuffling are referred to as being jumping cards. If the card(s) is (are) not read with the reading they can be ignored and replaced in the deck to continue shuffling.
If the card reader uses them with the readings, they take part as an extra insight to the reading. This has two possible ways to do so. (1) The diviner reads the card with a card that is not all too clear; or (2) the card is read alone at the end of the reading when all other cards are read, and is meant to give more detail on the reading as a whole.
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