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Post # 1
Tiamat is the Babylonian Chaos Goddess, personified as salt water, and who was the begining of all things. Those familiar with the mythos know that all things came from Tiamat. The young god Marduk slew the goddess Tiamat and made the heavens and the earth from her remains. She is depicted as a feirce monster in ancient Sumerian art, dragon-like in features. She was the original being, the primodial chaos from whence all things came.

So this is my question to you Forum Users, what do you think of working with Goddess Tiamat?

I have done much research and have yet to find any other magicians that regularly petition Tiamat for help in magic. I have since I first began working in the craft and have never had ill fortune with her. In fact, all I've ever felt is a very strong, protective feeling coming from her. Others have told me I am playing with fire or am doomed for a vicious backfire.

I'm curious if anyone else has ever worked with Tiamat and what results came from it?
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Re: Tiamat
Post # 2
Tiamat... I got a strange calling towards the babylonian pantheon ... After reading the creation theory, i never felt so comfortable with a belief system, as i do with this one. Also after reading some excerpts from the old mesopotamian era, i found this... Tiamat is a goddess as good as she is shady. She tried to save her children when apsu tried to slay them. This shows unconditional motherly love. Her children were causing chaos and yet she thought they were worth saving. Tiamat invites us to travel into the underworld, so to speak, and she promises to protect us. To live our journeys unafraid, and she will meet us in the afterlife. (according to old sacred text)
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Re: Tiamat
Post # 3
@4Diana13 I appreciate you sharing what you've found, its a much better take on Tiamat then is generally found.

In my opinion, any god or goddess can be worked with or worshiped. It seems the older the god(ess) the fewer modern worshipers there are, in the public eye or easily found that is.

I would say to trust your instincts, and if she helps you grow and learn then all the better.
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Re: Tiamat
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
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Re: Tiamat
Post # 5
Your information is very accurate. I personally feel that working with Tiamat is a wonderful yet possibly dangerous way of learning about chaos. Did you know they say to summon her when not worthy would result in insanity? I have been studying her myself and would love to share information with you regarding her. Feel free to mail me if you chose to explore more about her :)
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