I remember

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I remember
Post # 1
I remember something that happened a year ago. I was laying down and started to think of angels. Then I waved my arm up and down and then i felt feathers brush my hand. I look to my right and saw nothing that was feathery. But before that incident i felt somethings presence stuff fell when i didnt touch them and I was far away but i walked past them. Even now i feel a pressure on my hand like someone is holding it. Can you help me out with this info/
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Re: I remember
Post # 2
this could be your guardian angel it may want to help you in what you are doing or are about to go through and is letting you know that you need to be strong no matter how hard this new event will hit you if you want to you could ask it what its name is I for one know my guardian angels name im not sure if I can share it or if I cant but I have done a way of calling the guardian angel to ask it and every time she comes to me I can feel a portion of her wing brushing across my face
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Re: I remember
Post # 3
What a wonderful experience, I am so happy that you were able to experience it and are able to draw on it when you need to. That pressure you continue to feel is something that was left behind as a reminder that your Angel is with you always. When you are feeling low or weak, you can focus on that pressure and just know that your angel is there:)
I remember feeling the a wing wrapped around one of my arms and my shoulder, almost like an embrace. My husband had his arm around me at the time and although he didn't feel the feathery touch that I did, he did feel a sort of energy. It was a wonderful experience that I was so happy that he was able to share with me.

Although, I was never brave enough to ask her what her name was. I will have to do that next time I see or feel her. I'm still new and learning as I go, but my connection to Angels has always been there.
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Re: I remember
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
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