Love?! Outside force??

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Love?! Outside force??

Love?! Outside force??
Post # 1
Ok, well the reason I am asking this is because I'm starting to get really frustrated. No I am not looking for relationship advice, I truly believe there is something going on here. I am in love with this guy, the first day I saw him he stuck in my mind and I couldn't get him out. It wasn't love at first site but it definetley was something. Anyways, nothing much happened but something happened where I had to leave school for awhile and I couldn't see him. I was gone for a long time and he still was in my mind. Sure I saw other guys I liked but honestly I couldn't see myself with any of them. This struck me as odd because I'm a teenager and naturally I am boy crazy. Well during the whole time I was gone I was still thinking about him. I knew NOTHING about him but he just made me crazy. When I went back to school and I saw him again I fell for him...hard. Every other guy was nothing compared to him, he was my everything. I thought about him constantly. Well we exchanged looks at each other but nothing much happened to me. When he talked to me he was trying to compliment me and be nice when he was being mean to all the other freshman girls. I still knew nothing about him and only recently I found out his name. It feels like I have imprinted on him like in twilight. NO I DONT BELIEVE IN THAT. But thats how I can describe it. I just think this is some greater power and I need help finding out what it is. Is aphrodite medeling in my love I crazy??? PLease help give me answers. Blessed be.
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Re: Love?! Outside force??
Post # 2
The way you described this made it sound like he glamoured you not like how a vampire glamours a human in the series true blood but in a human way my sister is great on doing such a thing but she figured out it only leads to trouble in the end so she has decided to stop doing so and actually search for love that will actually last instead of puppy love that is just based off of looks she had to learn that the hard way well anyways it could be a godly interference or it could be that he has glamoured you without even knowing that he did
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