milk white puzzle

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milk white puzzle
Post # 1
Something?s has been bothering me for a while now my mind keeps turning it over and over and its festering and rotting. Ha great way to start my question off huh? Well anyway I?ve been lurking for a while and study alchemy mostly I?m studying grimoires and ancient text but everything things like a puzzle and it seems I?m missing quite a few pieces. I would like to put it together though but, it?s not alchemy I?m having the biggest problems with it?s the afterlife. I understand people have their beliefs and I?m not trying to put anyone?s down or anything but I could use you better judgment iv meditated on it for a bit but I can?t put it together even though I feel it?s right in front of my face screaming at me. Anyway so far I found information by looking at a lot of NDE's and comparing but that perfect forgiving god their depicting dose not add up. I?ve seen a lot of paranormal investigations about Psychic seeing demonic creatures and beings for that to make sense. Has anyone got a clue to help me? (by the way I'm getting new theory's so I might update soon too)
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Re: milk white puzzle
Post # 2
strangly enough I look at like this

1 If I die and there is no afterlife than I wont mind that Im dead.

2 If there is an afterlife ill find out when I die

3 Im not wanting to die early to test out a theory

thus ive put this question on the back burner. basically the only good way to test it is by dying and im quite happy living at the moment. I find it quite comforting because in one case I cant care about it, and in the other there is an afterlife so its a kind of win win. As i said this may be a strange way to look at it.
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Re: milk white puzzle
Post # 3
you put it so simply but its not that simple (to me at least) you know anything from experience, anyone for that matter
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Re: milk white puzzle
Post # 4
people have a tendency to over complicate answers in life. I try to find the simplest answer. As for my experience, it would point to the existance of an afterlife. Talking to those who have passed away is an example. This however does not prove the existance of an afterlife. These entities could be other things like residual energy or trickster entities. Ive also communicated with an aspect of death (ive done alot of research on grim and this is the simplest way to explain it). This aspect was incredible reluctant to give any information on the afterlife, or anything else for that matter. All in all I think there is an afterlife but there is really no way besides dying to be 100% sure and im not wanting to die to test if there is or isnt an afterlife.

to explain the aspect of death thing, this is what my research has uncovered. There are many aspects of death, easiest to explain is like a collective or hive mind. They are all death but at the same time are seperate entities. It is hard to do this kind of research so I cant say for sure this is 100% accurate. this is just what my search yielded.
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