Burning Heart Spell

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Burning Heart Spell
Post # 1
I wrote this spell a couple months ago and posted on SOM, but I've gone back and made it better. Tell me if you like it and if it's worth posting on SOM. Thanks

Burning Heart

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 Satin Bag
1-3 Cinnamon sticks (Powder Cinnamon will do fine)
Vanilla Extract/Essence (extremely flammable)
some Hazel
Carton of Matches (Flammable)
String/Yarn (preferably red)
Chocolate the purer the better (75% and up is prefered)

The spells primary objective is to attract the ideal mate, not the perfect one, ideal. So, it maybe the person you were fantasizing about all day, or someone you would never expect to be compatible with. Be open minded. Remember keep an open heart and love will always find it's way in.

Casting Instructions for 'Burning Heart Spell'

[It's purpose is to bring a mate that is close in match, that can be a one night thing to everlasting love. The beauty of this spells is it doesn't violate free will so you don't have to worry about any serious repercussions.]

Instructions: While completing the procedure chant the follow incantation (directly bellow).

If Love is powerful and strong, then it will bring a (man/woman) that will fill my life with (joy/passion/lust). If love is good and pure it will do no harm as we harm others. If love is divine then it will bring a (man/woman) that I can call mine.

Procedure: Put the following in the Satin bag
Chocolate (the pure the better), symbolizes love
Cinnamon (Stick/Powder) symbolizes passion, heat
Vanilla Extract or Essence symbolizes the essence of love
Hazel symbolizes warmth and beauty
A card describing what you want in a lover (no pictures or names, that violates free will, also do not have a central thought of a man/woman in mind).
Then .... Drop a lit match in the bag and tie it the bag with (string/yarn). If possible put a strip of paper with your name on it and insert it between the string and the bag (don't get burned), this will make the spell more personal.

***While the bag is burning, chant this incantation thrice:
Venus and Cupid with you power and might, I enchant them into this bag burning bright. On this night I call to thee, to bring love to me. Like the fire in my heart, let my desires turn from illusion to reality. (3x) Blessed Be!

*Feel free to substitute anything so it's more suitable for you: gods, ingredients needed, or changing the spells itself to fit you needs.

please comment and feel free to try out the spell
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Re: Burning Heart Spell
Post # 2
When you drop a lit match In the bag with the ingredients I suggest having a bowl of water nearby, because that's going to catch on fire pretty fast.
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Re: Burning Heart Spell
Post # 3
Nice call
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