A family protection spell

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> A family protection spell

A family protection spell
Post # 1
This is my first try at creating a spell of my own. I use candles because I can feel a connection to the flame, heat and sometimes the colour. This spell I casted to help protect my 3 little sisters who live very far away from me.

You need.
1. 1 candle per family member and 1 for yourself
2. Sea Salt
3. Clear Quartz
4. a stone with protective properties
5. A fire safe container
6. Lighter

*keep water handy

1. Fill the fire safe container with enough salt to hold your candles in place
2. Cast your circle
3. Invoke Hera
4. Meditiate and focus the energy on the sea salt. Visualize a white light emanating from the salt.
5. Insert your candles, leaving the one representing yourself in the middle.
*this is what mine looked like



2 3

6. Light the middle candle first. Then the next candle is the candle the represents the oldest of the person you want to protect, then the 2nd, 3rd, etc.
ex/ (10 yr old, 9 yr old, 7 yr old)

7. Take the clear quartz and hold it in both hands

8. Drawing energy from the quartz, take the energy, draw it thorugh your body and send it to the salt and candles.

9. As you send your energy, focus on who the candles represent and visualize the light going up the middle candle and out to the outer candles. Say this spell.

" The energy that binds us, strong it may be
But with my love for you ___(number of outer candles)___
I make it stronger

Using my power I give to thee
Draw strength and draw protection around thee
By the power of 3
I send my protection to thee"

Hera Bless and protect thee
Protect them from negative energy and harm"

10. Thank Hera
11. Blow out the candles
12. Close the circle

* Take the salt from the container and dispose of it in running water

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Re: A family protection spell
Post # 2
I really like your chant. This being your first spell, I say you did an excellent job.
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