Psi- the unknown

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Psi- the unknown
Post # 1

I have made my introduction , and would like to address a problem , mostly a misunderstanding i see with a lot of practitioners, and is one that is easily corrected.
In magic/magick I see a lot of styles and techniques , and have noticed many things, and will start by adding that the path I walk , is one of PSI, Psi being the Greek letter of the unknown , that to a number has become an umbrella term , to enfold all things , magick, paranormal, and to some even alternative views of science history , and current world-view.
Now of the magick paths I have seen they can be categorized in three labels. Internal, External,and hybrid. I will shortly explain all 3, internal paths are those of the psychic , the empath , energy worker/healer, and various others use completely internal energy to progress on their paths, external paths connect with outside energies albeit from a , deity element or ideal , most paths such as wicca are of this sort, then hybrid combines the two.
I will not go to indept here except to say that , it is easy to judge others when you have been trained in one or more paths , that fail to illuminate all the aspects of all three methods , but it is important we not be divided by such differences.
To me , self reflection and self analyses are two of my most important tools i can best use to do better the things in my life , that i wish. In closing i would like to add that I will begin a series of discussions if , im liked and read at all , and wish everyone to approach my topics with open mindedness , and understanding at the forefront.
In closing I bid you Adieu
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Re: Psi- the unknown
Post # 2
Hello sandmouse. Though I am a novice, I have a very open mind about many things. I wouldn't mind listening to what you have to say, if you would like to say it.
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