Soul Sprigs

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Soul Sprigs
By: / Novice
Post # 1

Hello everyone , i think i've performed enought research to provide a substancial post. Enjoy. This is a personal practice and theory , therefore it cannot be found in any books or anywhere else (maybe something similar but most people i've talked to never even heard of such a thing).


1. What are Soul Sprigs?

2. What are their uses?

3. How to Sense them?

4. How to Manipulate them?

1. What are Soul Sprigs?

Imagine the feeling of pure knowledge , knowledge does not know of good or evil or right and wrong , its just knowledge , it can be utilized in either way , but will never be either in its own right. Soul sprigs are the product of the Soul (Spirit , ect.) created at moments of great intellectual and spiritual growth (A revelation aka Epiphany). Its a force , a feeling that is the strongest at that very moment , when morality fades and you become absorbed in the essence of the moment itself. As the moment passes , the feeling whanes , but is never lost. The slightest reminder of the event can bring the feeling back. For the Sprig of the Soul , born of unending spiritual toil becomes sealed inside , deep within , a place you must explore once again. Once you manage to awaken the feeling once again , through meditation , practice and self discipline you will be able to utilize this wonderful feeling as an amazing tool of your will. The force without emotion , only will , that is a Soul Sprig.

2. What are their uses?

Soul Sprigs just like any other form of energy can be utilized in any area of magickal and spritiual practices. The Sprigs make excellent substitutes for emotions as a drive behind a spell or any sort of practice. It allows for the passing of mental barriers such as the slightest doubt in what you are doing being right or wrong , effectively opening up a direct route twords its destination be it a person , yourself , the universe or anything else. This also gets rid of residual emotions , such as after casting a curse (fueled by negative emotions such as anger) you get rid of the after effect of still being angry (For a period of time or indefinetly). This is easily achieved by surpressing a specific emotion through a meditative state and then replacing it with the newely awakened feeling that is a soul sprig.

Some of the things i have managed to "Experiment" with Soul Sprigs:

1. Healing (Mainly in the form of nullifying pain in myself and others) the results were amazing to say the least , within moments most of the pain (soon afterwards all pain) was nullified in myself , and after a few minutes the same effect is achieved in others.

2.Seeds of Influence (A technique i've been testing , of planting a Soul Sprig into a person with the intent of growing my influence over them) , two test subjects , both unknowing , one a friend and the other not so friendly , both expressed an amazing sudden outburst of trust and confidence in me.

3.Imbuing of objects (Enchanting) the object had the same properties but it also attracted the attention of everyone near it , regardless of its effects. This bears further researching and observation.

4.Cursing (Via Slavic Curse pins) during the creation of the pins , my anger was surpressed and replaced by a Soul Sprig , which removed my residual anger and provided fine results.

5.Memory (enhancing memory by attaching specific knowledge to the specific soul sprig) , proved useful (tested on a test haha).

There are other uses to be sure , but i've spent all of my soul sprigs , and until my soul produces more , i wont be able to experiment with them further out of theory.

3. How to sense them?

Meditation is the best course of action , reviewing your mind for moments of great revelation and tracking the feeling itself within your mind. Meditation on a Sigil which depicts the term Soul Sprig to you would assist you in this pursuit. Soul Sprigs are created for each fragment of your mind , from realizations about yourself to realizations of how beautiful something is , anything can create a soul sprig. Soul Sprigs once awakened and manipulated give the feeling alike to that of putting your hand 1 CM away from a dirty TV screen (the static). You can feel it coursing through your bones and veins.

4. How to Manipulate them?

This is something that i havent been able to fully review , i've used Energy manipulation during meditation and Qi Gong during my testing and it proved effective. I suggest that once you awaken a soul sprig you use the most well known manipulation technique to you to channel and control the feeling. This is up to you.

I hope this post will help you discover this amazing force yourself , if you have any questions feel free to ask , if i gain anymore useful knowledge i will post it in the thread. I've cut out alot of unimportant information and only left the most understandable and useful information. I have great hope that others will discover the feeling so majestic , yet so often forgotten.

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Re: Soul Sprigs
Post # 2

YAY! First one to reply.

Well Sillieh I think it is an awesome post. An I experienced it when I escaped into the wildressness. The closes word I could come to it was bliss after leaving it slowly fade away but it was amazing!

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