True physical magick work.

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True physical magick work.
Post # 1
How many people here have actually done true magick? Actually summoning spirits to the physical and/or truly conversing with them, actually doing telekinetic work, have actually astral projected, etc? In the magick practices of today i've noticed a fad(?) of labling things impossible. People making alot of theories on magick and not actually doing it. Even those who merely want to experiment without saying that something is impossible or not are pushed down. Guys, we are scientists of sorts and due to our line of work i would urge us to keep open minds. Otherwise we cease to be reality workers and merely become fashion followers. Again i ask, how many people have actually done the things i previously mentioned? Truthfully, i haven't, yet.
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Re: True physical magick work.
Post # 2
I've truly conversed with them using a spirit board, the planchette moved on its own for a while too. I agree though, many people just make theories even though they haven't done, or accomplished the feat they're theorizing about.
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Re: True physical magick work.
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I havent had the supplies or space to actually do anything with magick yet, but I've been studying demonology and am going to start there. But what I have practice is my empathic abilities. At first I'd ask a person that I trusted that if they got hurt to try and let me draw it out of them and it seemed to work, I felt the pain as theirs left them. I thought this might be the placebo effect (you feel like something works cause you think it will) so instead of asking people first I started to wait for my friends to get hurt then when they complain sit and try to draw the pain out and then ask them if it went away Shortly after. This is how I know that my abilities actually work
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Re: True physical magick work.
Post # 4
i really like! you see magick the way i do...and no im not a naive child...ive been into witchcraft for 3 and a half years
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