Sex Magick?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Sex Magick?

Sex Magick?
Post # 1
When it comes to sex magick I'm a total virgin. I'm very curious about it though because sometimes when I think of the craft I get aroused and pumped up at the same time like a jolt of testosterone has been shot through me and Cernunnos comes to mind. Is sex magick good/bad? Is there anyone who practices that could give me a better understanding?
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Re: Sex Magick?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
In discussing this topic, please remember that any discussions here need to be PG-13.
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Re: Sex Magick?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Ummm. I'm not much of a sex fiend. I myself am not interested in this worlds pleasures much at all but, of you seek for sexual companies then I'd look into incubi and succubi. Be careful when looking into them and summoning them though, they are demons still and have their own motives. And w careful because they can become overly possessive also.
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Re: Sex Magick?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
you can do sex magick with a physical and willing partner as well. A significant other is usually the best to go about. this can fall under the lines of making a more passionate night together or just to raise energy for a strong spell. but sex magick can also vary from tradition to tradition. Ive practiced it with my significant other just to have a more romantic occasion. your best bet would to just research different traditions on the subject.
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Re: Sex Magick?
Post # 5
Sex magick is a way to create natural and powerful energy in which to use to power a spell or ritual that you wish to preform. It is so powerful because one it uses emotion which is the love and passion that is felt between two willing partners although that does not need to be the case to practice it.
Two it is natural useing the natural combination of sexual energy and male and female energy although again that does not need to be the case since it can be done by two males or whatever. And three one plus one makes two which means two powers or energy sources together make for stronger magick since basic magickal teaching states that the more energy you can put into a spell the more powerful that spell is. And yes you can practice this kind of magick by yourself but you will need to build a lot of energy to have the same affect.

As far as your libido is concerned an abundance of energy within the body causes an increase in hormones and adreniline. Especially if that energy has no outlet. And yes sex can be used for grounding as well.
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Re: Sex Magick?
By: / Novice
Post # 6
thanks for the info. i havent dabbled into much of the subject but i definately have a better understanding. great post.
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