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Forums -> Neo-Druidry -> Coimimeadh

Post # 1

Coimimeadh is Gaelic for Co walker.

In Fae Tradition they are seen as our double. Every one has one And this double exist in the otherworld/Fae Realm.

Those who work in fae tradition often meditation or go to the otherworld or other Fae realms. Some of these people often become shamans, Seers, Healers and much more. As such Some people come in contact with There Coimimeadh. Either by experience or by studying.

By working with them we learn different things. For no one is the same nor are the Coimimeadh. The relationship with ones Coimimeadh is symbiotic. And great things happen.Just be cause you are a Female does not mean your Coimimeadh is as well.

Teacher, Guide, Co-Walker.

Always Looking for the Proper Destination.

We Should Stroll, you and I.

Down The Celtic Rite.

A Short Vacation To Mystery Celebration.

We will Take Elspeth

(And her broom if it wants to go)

And John with his Twinkling Firelight.

Along the Deerpath, and into the grove.

Where the Full Moon Hangs is the dark.

To The Call of the Wooden Pines.

Clockwise around the circle

The Sacred kelles dance in the Glow

Of a ever burning Fire.

This is our religion.

by Turtleheart 96'

Now Book Suggestions on The Topic:

Dreamgates: Exploring the Worlds of Soul, Imagination and Life Beyond Death. (Two Pages of direct information.)

By Robert Moss.

This post is in dedication of My Coimimeadh and Kirk.

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Re: Coimimeadh
Post # 2

~~Threshold Of Meeting~~

It is often in many accounts suggested to visit a place that is connected to Ancestral Memory to you. Doing this by lore or your own gut feeling. Every where on Earth has a spirit. From East to West. North and South. And everywhere in between give and Offer peace.

When trying to contact the people of Peace. Please remove the idea of Hollywood Faeries. The people of Peace are from Hollywood Fae. As a Wild cat is from a tame cat.

Do not disrespect the fae. They will not do your selfish bidding. Nor will they grant you ANY wishes.

Be like a child- Simplicity

Do not mock.

Be with a peaceful heart.

A respectful mind.

Without a Silver Tongue.

But A true Tongue.

It is all ways good to offer a gift you made yourself that is bio degradable.

  • Cake
  • Drink
  • Song

Do not strive to become a fae. For you are human.

Do not invite the Fae without understanding what you are dealing with. When working with the unseen you will create a relationship. This relationship you can not neglect nore leave behind.

This is a long life companion. Your Coimimeadh uphold's the Soul's Good.

Imagine the terms will be with the Coimimeadh?

What stands between you and your Coimimeadh?

Think of close relationship you all ready have.

  • WHat keeps you in the relationship?
  • WHat are signals of betrayal?
  • What changes must you make?
  • What space do you have to open?
  • How would you like the relationship to be?
  • Why Now?

When you make a promise to the fae. It is very difficult to cancel such a thing.

Make an invation after you thought on these questions. Either by dream or meditation. As well as live life to see if you notice any sign's.

A sense of accompaniment is for more worth than sight. Build trust. Ask about small things see what happens.

Keep Faith.

Be honourable.

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