In need if some guidance.

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In need if some guidance.
Post # 1
Alright guys, so I have about 20 spells I really want to add, but I feel like I should join an online coven and then wait until I'm granted access to post them. I feel like people see the spell caster's spells as a joke..
Any input or comment is GREATLY appreciated
Namaste :)
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Re: In need if some guidance.
Post # 2
What I do is keep mine private, but if you truly want to add them or if you think that they will help someone post them. Unless there those BS fake fantasy spells, no real witch will need them.
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Re: In need if some guidance.
By: / Novice
Post # 3
if you just wish to post, go to spell casters, but i strongly urge you to polish the spells and not upload any fake spells. not only does the site have plenty, but spell casters is trying to fix this issue. [a few of them anyway]

your second option could be to join a coven that would let you post them if left to a vote or something. in my coven when members have a spell they wish to add, they're sent to myself, Grg.Legend or one of the council members. it's then read, determined of it's a working spell [meaning it's not a 'turn into' type spell] retyped if needed [spelling/grammar] and submitted with full credit going to the person who made the spell. [it'll still say it was submitted by myself or Legend or whoever, but we typically post the original persons name about 3 times] i think those are your only two options; spell casters or a coven that will let you mail the council your spells.
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Re: In need if some guidance.
Post # 4
Oh alright thanks! I posted a couple a way back (Not fluffy, that's annoying). I think I'll just join a coven (possibly yours).
Many thanks! Namaste :)
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