Help, Information needed.

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Help, Information needed.
Post # 1
I come from a long line of psychics and witches. I want to embrace my heritage like everyone else in my family, i just have no clue where to start. My sister told me i need to call on my inner power or inner self, i dont know what she is talking about. if anyone can give me any helpful information it will be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Help, Information needed.
Post # 2
What your sister is talking about letting your power come through to yourself. Meaning that you let your power be projected from yourself... its hard to explain... I don't think I did, but I hope I helped.
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Re: Help, Information needed.
Post # 3
You have an inner knowledge that knows what path you are supposed to be on as well as knowledge that you have yet learned or experienced in your physical life as of yet. Through meditation, thought processes, will and other means, you have the ability to connect with your "inner self" or "inner knowledge". The way you access your inners self is through investigating your thoughts, emotions, what makes you happy or scared, what "feels right" to you regarding beliefs and thoughts, etc. Its important to get to know yourself and open your physical self to receive information from your inner self. Its important to know that everyone is different and receive knowledge from their inner self in different ways, however, the best place to start is to consciously try to open up and connect with your inner self by means of meditation. The important thing to keep in mind is that you DO have an inner self that holds much knowledge that will most definitely help you and guide you in the physical reality and to open up to receive guidance and make the effort to make the connection.

The above is my belief and understanding that I have received from my own inner self. I'm sure there are other thoughts and beliefs out there that differ from my own but I feel this is the basic idea of most people. If other as suggest another thought or belief I would suggest to investigate those as well, as it might be what works best for you. Its possible that two opposing ideas, thoughts or beliefs are both absolutely true, it just depends on what works/feels best to you. I hope this helps.

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Re: Help, Information needed.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Since your sister is the one who brought up this topic with you I would first ask your sister to explain exactly what she meant by the statement. And if you don't know where to start, well a good place to start would be with your sister and the rest of your family that you say are Witches.
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Re: Help, Information needed.
Post # 5
Oh... The continuity of a magick family heritage is a wonderful thing to handle! If you want to reach your inner self, you should first explore the inner selves of your ancestors.

For example, think about your parents, your grandparents, etc. Research about their experiences and ways of thinking. To me, there is a strong possibility that your way of expressing your inner self could be quite like your family's.

Meditate. It is a very good option if you have that little bit of time that you use to do nothing in the day to day. Patience, you will discover your inner self, as your sister told you, and then you shall be able to embrace your heritage!

Remember: Study a lot. Work a lot. Love a lot. Camelot! (Sometimes, laughing can be very helpful if trying to discover what leads you to laugh. Laughing makes you feel good, and it has its Magick too.)
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Re: Help, Information needed.
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Start with the basics. Meditation and soul searching is always a good start to get in touch with your inner self. Learn what you can find, books, sites, videos are all helpful, or just ask around with other witches. Theres a lot to learn. Just pick up what you feel you should.
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