Weirdest dream ever

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Weirdest dream ever
Post # 1
So last night I had a weird dream where one of my two cats learned to calculate and count numbers like a human and in the dream I teached my cat to talk human language and my cat almost succeeded in talking human language, and then I went to see my aunt's cat but my aunt's cat transformed into a human or my aunt's cat was already human before I saw my aunt's cat and I talked to the human version of my aunt's cat.

What does this dream mean? It sounds interesting...
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Re: Weirdest dream ever
Post # 2
This is interesting. Some say that dreams are in site to the future and/or your subconscious. I do not understand the part of your cat learning to calculate nor speak English. But your aunts cat turning into a human could mean that her cat is one of the so said 'victims' of karma, like a re-incarnation of someone.
I hoped this helped a little. Bless be...
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Re: Weirdest dream ever
Post # 3
Well, now, that's an easy one.

Any animal in a dream, represents an aspect. In the case of cats, it's intelligence.

The first half points to mathematics and language. Starting off with a cat having math skills, and ending with you teaching the cat human speech. This points to you, not having reached your true potential, in these fields. Whether you believe you're not smart enough, or they have a big part in your future, such as college and in a career.

The second half points to a cat transforming into a human, or seeing the cat in a human form. This is actually a warning. Currently, or in the future, someone will be taking advantage of you by using superior mathematics and language skills.

I hope this helped.
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Re: Weirdest dream ever
By: / Novice
Post # 4
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