Eclectic pagan paths.

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Eclectic pagan paths.
Post # 1
For those of you who are eclectic pagans, what do you believe? What religions have you combined into your path? Namaste.
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Re: Eclectic pagan paths.
Post # 2

For the longest time before I became purely a Kemetic practitioner, I mixed general New Age knowledge into my path with heavy Kemetic undertones. I do work with a few outside of my netjeru, however, I have a tendency to spend less time with them because of this.

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Re: Eclectic pagan paths.
Post # 3
I combine mainly beliefs from Wicca however I incorporate other religions such as buddhism, some things I add to my path are beliefs that I made up myself that as far as I'm aware are not apart of any other religion. . I believe in not a god and goddess like in Wiccan beliefs but I believe there are gods for different things. I mainly work with the greek deities however I do sometimes use Egyptian and I also want to study the Norse deities. I don't want to go into lots of detail but if you want to know more, message me :)

- Francis.
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Re: Eclectic pagan paths.
Post # 4

I began Wiccan, which is honestly an eclectic path in and of itself. However, I could not call myself religious at the time as I had no relationship with the Lady and the Lord. Janicot helped me get my foot in the door with working with deities and I've had experiences with mostly Norse deities since. My religious belief is that all religions have validity, so I don't exclude any. I also try not to mix them without first understanding each individual component. My actual practices have little path relations, though there are elements from different paths incoporated as I learn of them.

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Re: Eclectic pagan paths.
By: / Novice
Post # 5
I follow a Hermetic path which is a western esoteric tradition. Personally I combine Christian/ Jewish Kabbalah, Wicca, Thelema and Chaos ( especialy sigil) magick. The main deity I worship is Lilith but I am so aligned with Artemis. Take what works, fix what's broken, fake the rest!
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