Rules of the Rökkatru

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Forums -> Norse Paganism -> Rules of the R?kkatru

Rules of the R?kkatru
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
These rules I have lifted off of another site because I figured they'd be good to share and post in the forums. :) (So I take no credit for the writing :P)

Hela's Rule: Vision. Death takes the long view of all things, and so we strive to value far-seeing over temporary difficulties. Ask yourself: Will this matter in a year? Five years? Ten? After I am dead? Think ahead before you react, before you speak. Learn not to take things personally; people often react from their damage, and everything blows over in time.

Loki's Rule: Self-Knowledge. No matter what you say to others, be it truth or lie, never lie to yourself. Know yourself excruciatingly well, even the ugly parts, and always be honest with yourself first. When you speak the truth aloud, remember that the greatest honor is in speaking the truth that no one wants to hear, and that everyone has been avoiding out of fear.

Angrboda's Rule: Diversity. The Giant-Race comes in a myriad of forms, and all shapes, sizes, and natures are valued among them. Being close to Nature, they understand that diversity is survival and strength, while homogeneity is inevitable weakness. Thus, we accept and value diversity in human beings, be that in race, ability, gender, cultural background, lifestyle, sexual preferences, appearance, and all the many ways that we can be wonderfully different.

Jormundgand's Rule: Liminality. As the Snake is neither male nor female, both of Midgard and not of Midgard, so we see that the honorable and the sacred is most often found in that which crosses boundaries, bridges opposites, moves between worlds. We value that which is Both, and Neither, as one of the Great Mysteries.

Sigyn's Rule: Loyalty. Stand by those who love you, and whom you love, no matter what others say of them, no matter if they are driven out. The loyalty of true friends, family, and lovers is more important than the acceptance of any group, and any group that would force you to forswear them is not worthy.

Gerda's Rule: Frithmaking. While sometimes war is necessary, there is always far more honor in making a just peace than waging a just war.

Jord's Rule: Earthwisdom. Revere the Earth and Nature; seek to live lightly on the land. Honor the spirits of the Earth, the stones, the trees, and all Nature.

Nidhogg's Rule: Recycling. There is no such place as Away, so be careful what you throw there. Recycle, give away, don't waste, find a place for it somewhere else. This includes people as well as things.

Aegir's Rule: Hospitality. Open your doors even to those not of your people, not of your tribe. Open your doors to them even when they are annoying, or disrespectful, if there is the chance of an alliance, of changing their ways with frithmaking. Be gracious in the face of others' greed and boorishness. You have the right to set boundaries, but be generous the first time at least, no matter who they are, until they truly prove themselves worthless.

Surt's Rule: Intensity. Whatever you do, let it be with passion and fervor. Do not live a dull, repressed life.

Fenris's Rule: Shadow. Learn to love and find sacred all the parts of yourself, even the darknesses. Honor them by making a safe place for them, where they can neither be harmed nor harm others.

Mordgud's Rule: Self-Control. The Giant-Race are a people of strong passions, and so often are their followers. That is why it is all the more important that we strive always to keep our gates guarded and our walls firm -- not to keep out, but to keep in. Keep control of your emotions, that they might not spill over and burn others, or yourself.

The Norns' Rule: Dedication. Walk your path as you understand it, and as the Gods tell you to, and let no mortal opinion get in the way of your Wyrd.
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Re: Rules of the R?kkatru
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

I have always liked and agreed with these rules. I think they were originally proposed by Raven K? I could be wrong on that. Anywho, I think for someone aspiring to work with the Rokkr- this would be a good starting place. Learning to work with each of these wights and understand the lessons they have to teach, one by one.

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Re: Rules of the R?kkatru
Post # 3

Is this where the 9 heathen rules comes from? They seem to be similar, thats why I asked.. Good post yet again, even if you just bumped it...

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Re: Rules of the R?kkatru
Post # 4

The Nine Noble virtues weren't proposed by Raven Kaldera. They were written and proposed by the Odinic Rite.

Side note though, I love these rules :3

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Re: Rules of the R?kkatru
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

The NNV tend to be a list of values that were taken from Odinic Rite (which itself was codified from Havamal and Sigrdrigomal, both poems of the Elder Edda) and much credit is usually given to John Yeowell and John Gibbs-B.

Raven K did write the Rokkatru Ethics and Values. When comparing them to the Nine Noble Virtues, they are quite similar, but the NNV are supposed to be from virtues as can be learned from Odin, Thor, and Tyr. These virtues, as can be taken notice, blend one into the next. They are values that one shoushould live s/he life by for a much better life.

In turn the REV are along the same concept being that each one is an ethical value that is learned from the deity group - in this case, the Rokkr. It seems that each ethic and value happens to be what is learned from each indivual Rokkr they are named for - reflecting aspects of the Rokkr.

In my opinion, whether it be the Asatruar NNV or the Rokkatruar Ethics and Values, each "rule" can not only help better your life if approached and applied appropriately, but also can help eith understanding and getter closer to the deities to which they are learned from/named after.
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Re: Rules of the R?kkatru
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Nicely worded, Van.
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Re: Rules of the R?kkatru
Post # 7
Just one of the many list of rules, I chose to be governed by ...

A great starting point for beginners.
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Re: Rules of the R?kkatru
Post # 8
wow thanks van for wording that just right, i appreciate it...
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Re: Rules of the R?kkatru
By: / Novice
Post # 9
I just dig this thread and wanted to reread and comment on it again,since I'm reading more of Raven K.... Who's turned out to be a good author despite the questions surrounding his credibility,which I think is ok....
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