About the "Darazkinesis"

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About the "Darazkinesis"
Post # 1
Hello, my name is Tarek701. I'm coming from Psi Wikia, were I wrote the original Darazkinesis topic. I never thought, that it gets that popular. I remember, when

The arguments I've wrote there a while ago, were lessons I could translate from an unknown language (?). There were stuff like dark energy, positive energy and negative energy.

Those documents were probarly from the ancient. They were found in germany, by the way. I've actually "stole" them, which was wrong by me. Actually, there were excavations and I know a good friend, who worked there. Well, when I saw those papers, I've took them and never gave them back. This was a while ago. Then I started to translate that ancient text. It was another kind of latin, which had some similarities to normal latin. Through this, I could translate around 3-10 documents. Later, I noticed, that those were old occult texts, which had some practices and lessons, that were called as: "The darkness itself, our god." -> Later, they write about a huge unknown brother of Earth. They called it: "The one, who crosses our planets." -> There is just one word today, which described the planet of the crossing: "Nibiru". So, well, I have thought that they somehow meant this planet. However, it's still not proven yet, if Nibiru really exists.

Then another 14 documents had a very strange characteristic, which differs from the others: They are more based on the hermetic paradigma.

However, I just want to say that stuff like turning objects into dust were just lessons giving in this documents. If this really works, is not clear.

The other documents were "history" documents, talking about a person "Daraznor", which possesses all darkness and was the god of destruction, who was able to use the full potential of Darazkinesis.

Hermeticism is currently the only thing I prefer, by the way. The Darazkinesis and Psi stuff isn't really interessting. Hermeticism and how it describes their energy, which are principles. The thing is, that principle possesses all energy including itself. So, if I place magnetic fluid in some area, it will suck in every energy in the near of the magnetic fluid. That's because the magnetic fluid isn't really an "energy". It's a principle. Everything works altogether.

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Re: About the "Darazkinesis"
Post # 2
Hello I read ur page on the psi wiki and noticed it got deleted may u post absolutely all off ur info on it on this website?
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Re: About the "Darazkinesis"
Post # 3
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Re: About the "Darazkinesis"
Post # 4
Also will you post a the info regarding the nazis research of it and the psion who claimed 2 use magic but used psychokinesis?
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