newbie needing help asap

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newbie needing help asap
Post # 1
Hi all, is there any way of removing information out of people's heads, as i smoke and my parents are totally against it and im constantly lying to them about it and they keep pestering me and annoying me about it accusing me of doing it and ripping them out of money, also i am trans so they are annoyed and pissed off about that aswell as they are totally against it, and they are strong christians, i want either a spell that removes certain aspects about me from their brains or a spell that will wipe their memories of me and i can control what they remember

please help me as im feeling more like suicide as every day goes past
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Re: newbie needing help asap
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Sorry, magick is not going to do that. Smoking is quite bad for the body, as smoke damages the lungs, which you will not notice until later on in life, when it gets hard to breathe from the damage. I know, I used to smoke. I am currently using ecigs (electronic cigarettes), and am planning on quitting those, as I control how much nicotine I get in the refill liquids. You say you are trans. You are planning on medically changing gender? This can be a shock to parents, but again, magick will not help you here either. Sorry you are having problems, but magick will not help here. You can pray for your parents to have more understanding, and then sit down and have a talk with them. I hope you find the answer. Blessed Be...
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Re: newbie needing help asap
Post # 3
I think instead of trying to change their mind and memories you should look at the situation for what it really is: your parents love you! How would you feel if you found out your child was smoking? Its very unhealthy (I know because I'm also a smoker) and can lead to many health problems and cancer. They are concerned for your health and nagging is what good loving parents do. For the trans part, put yourself in their shoes. Many Christians believe that you could go to hell for it. I'm not saying they are right... just saying that you should realize its out of love. As for the suicide part, you should talk to your parents, close friends and a councilers right away about your feelings and thoughts. We here at SoM are here for you as well, but it would be best to talk to those around you so you can have the physical support.

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