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Blood Magick
Post # 1
Hello, I was curious as to what blood magick is? Would it help empower a spell or potion?
Thank you (:

- Francis.
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Re: Blood Magick
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
It's in the name. Magick where blood is used - more specifically, 'life energy' is used.

A lot of people do think that using a vital part of our body's, as we do need the blood in our body to survive, is an act of sacrifice and empowers a spell or potion. Other's see no need for blood to be used.

It's a personal choice.
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Re: Blood Magick
By: / Novice
Post # 3
to add onto what Hollabaluru said, while it is a fact spells are stronger if the one who is casting is the one who needs the spell to succeed, adding personal objects, as well as parts of oneself [hair, nails, blood, spit] can increase a spells energy greatly as well. while not everyone casts this way, it is a choice, blood magick incorporates a persons blood into a spell in some way to personalize it and give it more energy. this blood is typically the casters, but if the spell is being cast over another, you can use theirs as well.

blood is a life force, so it carries with it a lot of energy, you can add it to any spell, even if it doesn't call for blood. i've been taught you prick a finger on your power hand, but it can be taken from anywhere i think. i also heard menstruation blood holds a lot of energy, but i've never cast any blood magick so i can't give you a yes or no.

some deities [like Sekhmet] favour blood, and while you can substitute beer dyed red as an offering, it is best to leave out some blood. it could be cows blood [can be acquired at a butcher] but for life changing things offer up your own blood.

blood magick, like all magick, isn't good or evil, it doesn't work for everyone, and isn't something one needs to cast. research it and decide for yourself. if you think it would give your spells a personal touch as well as more strength but blood grosses you out, or you pass out when cut/injured [like me, and no it's not the site of blood] but you still wish to incorporate it into your casting, go with spit or another body part/fluid. blood is just seen as the most powerful. as long as you charge with energy though you shouldn't worry.
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Re: Blood Magick
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
To add to what Nekoshema said some types of spells that incorporate blood magic and personal objects are Voodoo,love spells,revenge,health spells,banishing spells and such.Personal objects are used in many of these types of spells to give it a boost in other words its fine tuning the spell towards that person.
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Re: Blood Magick
Post # 5
i wrote a book on blood spells and in it i explained how i used it and that was to add power to spells to bring you want you want out of lie. Basically what has been said, it's about adding life energy to spells
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