Truth about Candle Magic

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Truth about Candle Magic
Post # 1
Hi and good morning (or good evening)to all

I wanted to share with this wonderful community some of the misconceptions and some of the truths about candle burning magic(K).

You could Google till you get a headache on candle magic and find so many conflicting viewpoints and perspectives on the subject that you find yourself scratching your head wondering want is real and what is not so real, meantime the candle wax keeps dripping down as the time moves quickly these days and nights without quantifiable answers.

Lets begin with , what i believe to be a false

1.) If I just find the right colored candle, light it up, and ask for what i want then thats it right?

Actually, theres more to just lighting up and asking the candle (or the god/dess) for some type of "thing" or "miracle".

In truth the candle, no matter what color you use, is just that, a candle. The real magick begins when you "immerse" yourself into using it.

By immersion I mean you involve yourself in all magickal aspects of the candle ritual. You "empower" the candle through your "emotions". You empower the candle through "visualization" the desired end result. You empower the candle by rubbing certain oils on its side while chanting a mantra of what you want your magick to bring you.

But the real secret to burning candles and magickally empowering them is "feeling" and "seeing" yourself involved in the end result as you light the candle. You watch the flames slowing twirl its blue and yellow silky body. Almost as if you are gazing at its flame like a doorway into another realm of existence.

The key to succeeding in candle burning rites is to control your desired outcome (feeling) and transfer that raw emotion into the candle itself along with your mental image of the outcome (visualize). This sounds easier than it is. It does take some practice to control your emotions and to correctly visualize clearly what you want to achieve, but with practice, the candle will become the conduit from which all dreams can become manifest.

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Re: Truth about Candle Magic
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Fabulous post I totally agree with everything you say! When I'm using candle magick I always carve my intentions into the candle and after lighting in perform a visualisation. The direction I carve into the candle depends on if I want to bring something into my life or cast it out. You can increase the power of candle magick by placing a sigil and or mirror underneath it.
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