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science and magic link
Post # 1
i a theory that may be the link to both magic and science.
i wish to call this the load-on theory.
note that i in no way intend on offending anyone or their beliefs.
please tell me what you think.

now there is a theory that is very popular, it claims that there are different univeres its known as the multiveres theory.
i believe that this is true and that these univeres are linked by one energy which can be called energy, chi, or aura.
i believe this energy is the god particle scientist are looking for.

the god particle is the final substructure particle in the universe or universes.
ok you know how light is made from tiny light particles and how they are made from electrons well go beyond that.
at the very very end is the god particle which is the start for everything.
now in science the smallest we can see are elementry particles, we cant see any further than that.
so most likely the god particle is 3 or even 200 substructures down.
and the god particle would have control over all other particles.
the elementry particle has control over particles all ready however we cant touch the elementry particles even though we can see them.

this would explain how spirits are able to cause electric desturbances and even create fire from nowhere.
they are most likely made out of god particle or at least a substructure close to it.
a temporary name i have decided for this energy is aura but you may cal it what ever you like.

i believe that the brain has a special property or function that allows it to create a physical aura self with a physical aura body.
this body if you have not guessed it is the astral body and it allows us to control other particles.
but in order to link with the astral selfs we must do what is known as astral projection.

by now you must wonder how come people who astral project cant make things move or create lighting and other cool stuff like that.
my best guess is because there is something they have to do while in astral body that they have not done or they just plain have not tried.
another reason is because half their energy goes toward keeping their physical body unlike spirits.

i plan to study astral projection and find out if my theory is right.

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Re: science and magic link
Post # 2
i meant to change the theory name oops
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Re: science and magic link
Post # 3
God Particle is named after the Higgs Boson particle discovery.
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Re: science and magic link
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Just a couple of technical points dating back to my GCSE physics. Light consists of photons which in turn are comprised of quarks and gluons, not technically electrons. Not that it's an important point and really doesn't affect your argument but I thought it worth mentioning.

Secondly the Higgs Boson, or "god particle", is not technically the most basic sub particle. Rather it is a theorized particle that indicates the existence of the Higgs field, which explains why some particles have mass whilst others do not, it is comprised of a number of sub units that were observed during the running of the LHC.

Finally a magical point. The reason why someone who is astral projecting can not possibly affect the physical world is that their consciousness is not in the physical world. Should I astral project I would not simply walk around my house but over the astral plane instead. I believe you may have confused astral projection with the more generic OBE (out of body experience).

I'm not faulting you with these points as they're really just small technical errors however I thought them worth mentioning. I must admit that I personally have my doubts to the theory however if you believe in it and wish to investigate it then I wish you luck and would recommend pursuing physics to see if it is in fact possible before diving in blindly.
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Re: science and magic link
Post # 5
Just adding to what archstar said.

People should also take into consideration that inferred on a screen looks like an aura and the human brain produces elecricity which as most know is what is in all particles and trough electro magnetism move certain objects.

These all support the science&magic link.
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Re: science and magic link
Post # 6
There its actually a group who studies the link of both magic and science is in www.spirit, the owner of the site doesn't use the word magick but spirituality even if its the same this site has written facts and theories in this link. I do recommend this site and I don't mean to offend anybody in there beliefs so good luck and have fun searching.
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Re: science and magic link
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
There has always been a link with science and witchcraft. That's how it all started!
Witchcraft (but not Wicca) is all about science! One of the greatest Alchemists who ever lived was Sir Isaac Newton. In other words, a witch! But he was also a devout Christian. The two can "go together"; no problem.
But remember that Wicca is a religion; witchcraft is not!
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Re: science and magic link
Post # 8
I've actually been working on a theory that uses just that application. To start with, I've always looked at either magick or science respectively as correct in their own right but neither one being entirely correct one way or the other. However, considering String theory has SO many things in common w/ the lore about Ley Lines, why not look at other magicks and sciences side by side?

Take birds for example, they don't just go in straight lines when migrating, they always follow a certain routine. and Turtles, there's no freakin way that they'd be able to go their entire lives without ever setting foot on the same beach they were born on and manage to get to the same spot to lay THEIR eggs. At least not without either an eidetic memory or some way of guiding them back to the same beach. It's entirely possible, based on that observation, that turtles use the ley lines to find a spot to lay their eggs (no pun intended, just noticed it myself), and their offspring later use those same lines to go back to the same spot, because those lines, possibly at a junction between 2 or more of them, are guiding them back to the same spot.

For years scientists have worked with the theory that animals use the electromagnetic fields generated by the earth to navigate (demonstrated by tying a small magnet to the head of a homing-pidgeon, just to watch it get lost), what if they're one-in-the-same?

Usually when we think of that electromagnetic field, we think of straight lines doing an infinite loop de loop around the earth, but what if they intersect? straight lines would have spaces between them, which would make it much easier for outside forces to screw with our atmosphere, so doesn't it make more sense, scientifically and poetically, that they criss-cross each other?
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