signs of him evrywhere,

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signs of him evrywhere,
Post # 1
Hi to all of you!!

A newbie here. I am also sort of new to this stuff.

I am a buddhist and a strong believer of karma, But I also strongly believe in horoscopes and signs.

Before this incidents, when I see signs, they usualy become true, whether they are good or bad.

I'm 23 and never had a boyfriend. last year I had a very difficult time, so I needed a one, I needed someone I can trust.

I used a spell- I only had to read it think of it- no special retual needed.

During the time I helped my friends a lot, gave love to many peoples, even animals. I hoped the law of attraction will bring my soulmate.

after a while, I saw my childhood friend in dreams, he and his family is abroad, I hadn't seen him in 5 years.

about 3 months earlier, I started getting signs of him. in conversations I made, things related to him came up. I've seen his name in several places, I asked from the universe, show me a sign if he is my soulmate or not.

the signs kept appearing.

Iwas not friends with him in facebook. resently when I went there, he had his profile picture changed, he was with his girlfriend.

I searched for more details, they were in love for at least 7 months.

I really got my heart broken, i questioned from universe why did it shown me the signs?

but still, I keep getting signs related to him, what is the meaning of this?

I don't wish to cast a love spell on him, for I don't wish the hurt i feel now to be felt by anyone, even his girl.

I can't marry just anybody, horoscope problem.

please help!!
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Re: signs of him evrywhere,
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Try to not focus only on him you don't want to not be paying attention if your true love is right in front of you. All I am saying is keep your heart and mind open
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Re: signs of him evrywhere,
Post # 3
What sue said don't think about him if he is truly for you he will come to you not you go to him. I've been single for years now and every now and then a girl will come to me i don't have to find them anymore. its what you should do to. I know it gets lonely some times but when that happens talk to your friends or someone you trust. The true one for you will meet with you no matter what falls in the way.
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Re: signs of him evrywhere,
Post # 4
I agree too. Learn how to be happy being single and everything else will work out when the time is right. He may be your soul mate, he may not be. Either way, don't focus on him, focus on yourself.
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