past life languages

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past life languages
Post # 1
Considering that the astral realm is someplace where we can connect to our past lives (memories, people, ect.) Do you think it would be possible to remeber the language we spoke in our last life (assuming you lived in a different countrey and aren't a starseed)
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Re: past life languages
Post # 2
It would require a great deal of time and energy trying to re call it. Many people can only get bits of emotions of general feelings of what you were in the past life, something as complicated as a language would be difficult.
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Re: past life languages
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Astral level is level of emotions and dreams ,and those act as aid or portals toward higher plane of existence or being, energy also called soul level .Language is partially physical thing and partially element of the cognitive aspect of the mind .Spirits rarely talk as we do ,simply because they use telepathy and other methods to communicate .The only one body that needs to remember language is the physical one ,when you loose it most of your old ways are gone ,emotions and memories stay to a degree if they are enough strong and they are kept .You see your soul will keep only what really matters to it and what is in ultimate service of its own development .It is same way with the way our brain works ,we receive much more information than we can remember consciously ,so what is not used and not necessary is stored in places we can not reach easy .If you are about to remember something you will remember what is useful to your soul development in terms of emotions and memories of experiences .Sometimes if spirits try very hard they can remember few words here and there (despite some distort them ),but they can not recall entire language ,simply because it is not in use for them .They do not communicate as we do and if they try to do so they loose a lot of energy by even attempting .Also if you remember every single thing you were before , said or did you will retrace your entire old life back , forgetting who you are now and where you are .
There is only tiny bit of information we can hold in normal state of being and mind ,breaching beyond it might bring good or bad consequences .Barriers and limits sometimes are put with reason .
I always try to remember those reasons if i try to push the barriers too further than I can take ,there is always madness lurking out there .
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