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Post # 1
On Thursday night/ Friday morning ( 3am Friday) I had a nightmare. I havent had a nightmare in 3 years so this was pretty bad. In the nightmare a thin pale girl with lond dark thin hair and black eyes was trying to kill me,I was at my Grandma's house. She killed most of my family one by one. I then killed her. I then went home to my house and my Mum went into the bathroom. I stood outside looking at the door slowly open and instead of my mum coming back out the dead chick came out. She came towards me and I stabbed her with scissors and she just came closer.

I manged to wake up I was sweating and my heart was beating unevenly. I keep waking up at 3am and hearing foot steps and doors creaking. I am scared to sleep and be alone in the house.Today my Dad told me that he could smell something burning in the house. We found the smell is coming from the bathroom( the same one in my dream). Can someone please tell me if I am just over-reacting or should I be worried?
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Re: Nightmare
By: / Novice
Post # 2
It could be cause for concern but I personally wouldn't look too much into it. You may have been visited by a spirit in your dream. If this becomes a frequent occurance, then red flags can go up. Other than that, it could be a one time deal.

It will do you good to protect and ward yourself and your home if you feel that there is something wrong. :) Cleanse the space.

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Re: Nightmare
Post # 3
Cleanse your space just to be sure, but unless this dream recurs, don't worry too much about it. Typically in a nightmare with spirits, its important to keep a strong will. Let it know you will not cave. This is usually enough to keep them away. After a nightmare wake up properly then go back to bed in a different posittion to ensure that you do not slip back into the same plane you were on.
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