Leaving the body..

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Leaving the body..
Post # 1
Hello there guys. So I know well on the idea of astral projection and such. You ought to have protection, you travel and such by thought, the places and higher planes, the akashic records and travelling other places. So here is the situation, I can relax, meditate , visualize until i get tingling (which i find itchy) then waves coming down from my head to my solar plexus and i can have no sensation in my physical body. The vibrations get stronger and faster and my core cools in temperature and my heart beat fastend. I can feel my astral body as mentally being aware of my body i can feel myslf getting lighter. Lately i experinced my ears blocking at such climax. after a good hour in this state trying over five techniques to seperate my astral being i stopped until next time. I feel o close. Why can i not seperate?? please help me
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Re: Leaving the body..
Post # 2
That's the same with me I can't leave I feel vibrations all over but I can't seem to move my astral body
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Re: Leaving the body..
Post # 3

Honestly, you may be working too hard. It sounds silly, I know, but part of astral projection is about letting go of your physical body. If you are focused on perceiving the reactions and actions your body has, then you might become bogged down in your physical body, simply because you aren't fully letting go.

With your ears stopping you, why not try to come out ear first, rather than have your head come out of your body last?

As for the techniques, I use my own technique, which changes to the fit the situation at hand. Usually, I put myself into a meditative state, and simply let go of my physical body, at which point I feel myself pulled out of my body. I tend to be misty rather than appear as a person right off, and I simply gather myself together.

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Re: Leaving the body..
Post # 4
The other more simple answer is that you're not ready.. Maybe it's your subconscious or a spiritual guide that is stopping you.. Try using things that aid in astral travel, they may give you the little kick you need :)
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