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Post # 1
How many of you clairvoyantly see spirits? How many of you see them with your physical eyes? Can one see them with their physical eyes? I myself see them clairvoyantly but I want to see them with my physical eyes.
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Re: Seeing
Post # 2
I've been able to see spirits, but only shadows or their figures, I don't have an affinity with the spiritual world but it is possible for an average person with no psychic ability to see spirits with their physical eyes like me. It's still a mystery to me and I'm not that educated on them, but I have a theory that you can only see them when they want to be seen. It's an interesting subject, I'm hoping I can learn more about this.
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Re: Seeing
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I can sense spirits, and have seen them. I see them as shadow people and even as orbs, but I sense them mostly. When there is one in my house, my ceiling appears wavy, like ripples in water but not moving. Its quite a sight, but I am used to it. My place is spirit friendly, so long as they follow simple rules. It is my home, so my rules. lol I have even been called by name, even woke me up. So I asked that they not disturb my sleep, and my body is off limits. Sometimes I hear conversations in the background. Its quite interesting to me. Well, there you go. Just my 2 cents, lol. Blessings!
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Re: Seeing
Post # 4

I see spirits both physically & spiritually. Sometimes they appear as shadows and orbs. Sometimes they are in my dreams. And sometimes they look like an average person, but, one minute they are there and the next they are no where in sight (which can be distracting). I hear them and sense them almost all the time.

Seeing spirits physically usually just happens. I think if you have an open mind and practice communicating with spirits eventually it just happens.

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Re: Seeing
Post # 5
how do you practice communicating with spirits? I can sense them & feel them but never see them. I want to brush up on my skills so input is welcome :D
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