1st Time Ouija Board

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1st Time Ouija Board
Post # 1
Ive never been able to get an ouija board to work. Are there anything that would keep the ouija board from working such as using it in a strictly christian home? And what materials can you use to make a homemade ouija board/palanchette?
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Re: 1st Time Ouija Board
Post # 2

First off, you're going to want to learn shielding and cleansing. You're also going to want to avoid the mindset of 'fun' and take it seriously (unfortunately, a lot of media surrounding Ouija boards is not serious at all). It can work just fine in a Christian home as you are using the board as a form of communication with spirits. You're not going to have a spirit literally and physically move the planchette, but you are going to sense where the spirit would want to move it.

There are two main theories of how Ouija boards work. One is possession (allowing a spirit to temporarily control your hands/arms and is also called horsing or being ridden). The other is interacting with the spirit on a subtle level, using your intution to form answers to your questions.

For first time use, you will want to cleanse your board, planchette, and make sure you are centered and grounded. Shield the area in which you are using the board and invite the spirit you wish to talk to in. Establish that you don't want to be possessed and talk to the spirit. Askk questions (outloud or in your head) and let the answers flow to you. You will instinctively 'know' where to move the planchette by various feelings.

Keep in mind that spirits can lie, and you won't always be talking to the spirit you think you are talking to. To aid in this, begin working with spirits on a more primary level. Work with the spirits of everything around you. The more you work with the spirits, the more you will be able to tell what spirit is what.

The most common materials to make boards and planchettes are wood and felt. You can use any material, really, but it is generally advised not to use plastic or otherwise chemically altered, manmade materials. Materials made by nature and conductors of electricity are often cited as good materials to use. Just be sure that the bottom of your planchette can slide over the top of the Ouija board without damaging it.

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Re: 1st Time Ouija Board
By: / Novice
Post # 3
well the board wouldn't work for a number of reasons, commonly you're not focusing. when people have sleepovers and sit around and it starts moving like crazy and you get all these spooky tales, someone's moving it themselves. [normally willingly but sometimes it's subconsciously] in reality, it's very rare to have a board react most people claim it does. if you're using it as an actual magick tool, and not for a toy, you need to focus when you use it, as well as charge it with energy. like with an athame, wand, cauldron, besom, or whatever, you need to charge and bless it, otherwise, you could use a butter-knife and get the same results.

personally, i work the ouija board with three people, two people work the planchette ad the third asks the questions and records the results. sometimes the people channeling with the planchette are blindfolded, but we concentrate better with our eyes shut anyway so we don't do it as often. the blindfold ensures whoever's using the board isn't messing with us. you can do it with just yourself, but your eyes need to be open [for obvious reasons] first, meditate, clear your mind and become relaxed. when ready, place your fingertips just above the planchette and ask if there's a spirit who wishes to speak. it should eventually go to yes. keep in mind some important things though
  • Cast a circle to protect yourself

  • Be polite, if you offend a spirit you can be attacked. also, remember to thank them before they leave, and point out it was a visit, say something like 'thanks for visiting my home, have a safe journey back'.

  • Don't pry, certain subjects [commonly how they died] they do not wish to speak about, so if they say they don't want to talk about it, don't demand or keep asking.

  • Do not damage the board. this can cause a lot of negative things.

  • Cleanse the board, the room and yourself after using the board just as a precaution. if you spoke with a spirit who seemed dangerous, cast a protection spell as well.

  • onto your questions though, using a board in a strictly christian home shouldn't effect it. spirits wander the earth, there's no place that's really off limits. graveyards are surprisingly empty, because it hold no real sentimental attachment, the only spirits in their are waiting for something, or refuse to leave their body [basically refuse to admit they've died] many wander looking for a place to call home, but there are those who attach themselves to loved ones, treasured items, their home, or people that remind them of a loved one. if you cannot speak with a spirit in one area, try in others [if you can] around your home. if you still cannot, your home might be a 'dead zone' [as my friend would say] for whatever reason, no spirits dwell nearby, or were passing through.

    they can be made out of anything really, but wood would be best, it's harder to damage than say paper, look nicer, and will carry some magical properties depending on the wood you chose. Cedar might be the best, it is easy to find, and carries spiritual properties useful with communicating with spirits. the planchette could be made from the same wood, or a different type, could also be a crystal, a coin, a cup/glass, and basically anything you can use to point.
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    Re: 1st Time Ouija Board
    By: / Beginner
    Post # 4
    I didn't read the other comments so idk what's been covered but I wouldn't mess with oujia bores unless 1 you are experienced with sports and protecting and understanding them. 2 have someone with expire nice messing with oujia boreds or 3 you know exactly who you are trying to contact and you know how to controll the portal to the daut, mist, astral realm or whatever you wish to call it. Be careful oujia boreds re very unstable if you don't know what your doing
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    Re: 1st Time Ouija Board
    By: / Novice
    Post # 5
    @ Iampossesed, what does sports have to do with using a Ouija Board?

    true, you should be careful, if you don't know what you're doing you could get hurt. be sure you cleanse and bless it as you would with any other tool, cast a circle, and to be safe, use sage smudge after use just in case there's anything lingering. if you begin to see negative occurrences or feel something's in your home after using the board, cleanse again and cast a protection spell on yourself and your home.
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    Re: 1st Time Ouija Board
    By: / Beginner
    Post # 6
    I'm soy, I often make spelling errors because I'm dyslexic and I also Postfrom my iPhone and we all know how auto correct is:/
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    Re: 1st Time Ouija Board
    By: Moderator / Adept
    Post # 7
    If you have not ever used one before I would recommend not starting. You can/will end up with some bad things happening and entering our world
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