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Hello =]
Post # 1
Hello, my name is Johannys. I am currently studying and practicing Wicca. I have only very recently begun my spiritual journey and I am unsure at times but I am interested in learning more. I am not sure of a specific path to follow as of yet. I am solitary at the moment and would love to make friends and possibly join a coven. There are no covens near where I live so it is going to be difficult to meet other local people. A little bit about myself: I am caring maybe too much- I am often hurt because of this. I don't have many friends, but I try to be social and happy and please people. I respect all Wicca paths and respect everyone. It is necessary that we all coexist. I am passionate and loving. I love nature, animals and all beautiful things of this world. I am gullible at times and can seem childlike in my judgment. I hope that you find favor in me from what I have stated. I wish to make many friends who have similar beliefs as I do. There is so much more to me and I would love the opportunity to be like family and learn from those who have been practicing longer than I have. I am a humble student and eager to learn and practice more and more. Please message me or add me as a friend. Blessed Be.
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Re: Hello =]
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Hello, and welcome to SOM. Hope you find everything you're looking for here.
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Re: Hello =]
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Hello xixshaiyaxix, welcome to the site, I sincerely wish you find everything you are searching for on this site. Some advice I can give is for you to take advantage of the resources of information on this site to help better yourself and your cause. Peace and Love friend.
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Re: Hello =]
Post # 4

Thanks for the warm welcome =]

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