Need help on a spell

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Need help on a spell
Post # 1
Ok I am new to this site but not new to spells and magick
In all. I believe in santa muerte to begin with and formost she is the one I call on for my times if need, only right now I am in need of a powerful spell that will either cause death or a great illness, if you would help then that would be great and please no comments on how karma and evil this is I have good reasons behind all this I have even tried the hotfoot powder only nothing so far has worked if you must know the reasons then I will be glad to tell them
Thank you and many blessing
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Re: Need help on a spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Well I understand that people need to die and while I'd rather let nature do the work, I do have an idea that should work. Get a smaller black candle and light it on one of the nights of a waning moon. Meditate and ground your negative energy into the person you want to harm rather than into the earth like you usually would. Visualize whatever you want inflicted on them and continue channeling your negative energy into them until the candle burns out. Once the flame extinguishes, think of that person's health and even their life extinguishing as though they are the flame.

Now while this is the only method I can think up that falls most in line with magic practice, I've also never had an incidence of people's hatred for one person causing them any noticable harm and in case you aren't at all acquainted with the astral plane, then this may very well not work at all. Remember, if the universe decides to keep them well and alive and you yourself understand very little of it then your intention won't materialize. You could call this a failsafe against any unnecessary tampering.

Otherwise like I said, I'm sure you have reasons and I'm not against people dying. If they're despicable enough then dying could be an efficient way for them to... return to the light?
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Re: Need help on a spell
Post # 3
Thank you very much I will try this
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