Need help about my girl

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Need help about my girl
Post # 1
My daughter was taken from me. It is a long story.

The people that ended up with her basically have bought her. We used to fight because we were impoverished and I couldn't afford to buy her all these things that her wealthier friends had. Her new home has people buying her anything that she wants. She doesn't even want to talk to me anymore.

A lot of lies have been told about me. My character was assassinated. I have been left alone. Knowing my daughter doesn't love me is killing me. She was all I had.

What do I do?
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Re: Need help about my girl
Post # 2
Its difficult to understand the situation when there are so few details so my advice is limited. Keep in contact: call her, Facebook her, send her hand written letters and cards. Get a job and better your financial situation. Read about all aspects of the occults and the basic techniques like meditation to get to know yourself to see if there are other things you can work on to better yourself. Create a shrine in honor of your daughter and spend a lot of time adorning it. Keep herbs, stones, pictures, pretty things that remind you of her, etc., light candles and meditate on you and her getting to spend time together, send her loving thoughts... anything you want that will make you feel closer to her. Try some spells once you gain experience. Use visualizations to help bring you two back together. If you put forth the effort in all of the above things, I'm certain you will notice a big difference in a month or so. It could be as soon as a week or two. Good luck :) I hope this helps and I how you put forth the effort and put your heart into it.

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