Tarot Reading Question!

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Tarot Reading Question!

Tarot Reading Question!
Post # 1
I've been wondering how accurate can tarot card reading be online?
Like me giving a person a reading when they're not really here but, another country or whatever?

and what's the most effective way to give the reading if I am giving a reading online to another person?
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Re: Tarot Reading Question!
Post # 2
Not really the answer I was looking for, but thank you.
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Re: Tarot Reading Question!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This will strongly depend of how well the reader can connect to the person .If you share strong emotional or energetic bond (or both ) between you and this person ,you can still do online reading .If this person is stranger it takes a lot of skill to try to attempt this .
Few tips you can go with :
Have the person to choose the deck
Have the person to pick one exact question .
While shuffling the cards hold in your mind the image of this person .How does this person look ,smells ,her/his personal traits and the emotions (the more love the best ) you have toward them .This aid the emotional and energy connection .Other person is advised to do the same .
I usually have the person I read for to tell me when to stop shuffling .I tell them to listen to their gut feelings ,when it tells them to stop they tell me .I found this method to work better for me than if I count to my own intuition only ,however I can do it by myself .
In order to do that some skills in energy flow and manipulation are required ,also it is good idea to ground afterwards .
You need some practice if you do not have natural skills in this type of divination .Of course having knowledge on Tarot and how to interprate its imagery is must .
I hope that helps .
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Re: Tarot Reading Question!
Post # 4
when i read someone elses tarots i tell them to put there energy into the thought of the cards regardless the cards know everything
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Re: Tarot Reading Question!
Post # 5

Art had a very good suggestion, when I read others cards sometimes its online , so when I first started doing them over distances ( or just not in peron ) , it did take more of my energy because I was trying to read the person. It seemed that it's easier and takes less of my own energy (so I can read better for them ) , if I concentrate on the persons voice and make myself "open" to them they seem to fit. Kinda weird sounding but if you open yourself up by either looking at a picture or hearing a voice or trying to feel their energy ( even if its distressed energy from them ).. I do this while shuffling while they speak, ( or however we decide to do energy tranfer ) untill a card falls, for as many times as I need a card ( of course depending on the type of spread ) So the interpretation is based on your skill, when I first started reading over distances I didn't allow myself to know the question till I was reading the cards or after, to see if it was working and I'm usually right on. Sometimes I do it now depends on who the person is, and the final card is not permanent, its only the outcome if things keep going the way they are/were for that person on that particular question.. blessings and good luck... If your into divination theres a lot of other ways. I'm an owner of the Elder Futhark Runes, and a reverse black mirror ( for skrying )...I do love my runes and keep them for very special readings..

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