A beginner needs help

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A beginner needs help
Post # 1
I am a beginner. I thought one just did what it said to cast a spell and I would do okay. I had cast a few love spells and one or two money spells. I went in to this thinking positively but no wonder if I did something wrong after reading various messages. I meant no harm, I only wish to be loved back by a man I have fallen in love with. We were just friends and then became lovers. I see in his eyes that he has feelings for me and just wanted them to grow. Have I done something I should not have done? I pray for a positive outcome to have him love me as I do him.....I want to learn please tell me if i am okay or not. I want to be good and do good for others. As for the money spell I need to have an income to support my children since I cannot work due to a brain stem injury I sustained a few years ago. We cannot hardly survive anymore and I need help obtaining money on a consistent basis.
Please help me know if i am doing right with these two issues. Thank you, graciously
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Re: A beginner needs help
By: / Novice
Post # 2
as humans we make mistakes. discovering if a spell you cast was good or bad is determined by your own morality. on average though, most think love spells are wrong, but money spells are fine. why many feel love spells are wrong is you're forcing your will on another [if you're casting a spell to make him love you back] first his will doesn't matter as much as yours if you cast this spell, but personally, it's not real love. he doesn't really love you, you've forced the feelings you have for him onto him. plus with spells cast on another, they're subconsciously fighting back at all times so it will break, the when is unknown though.

wealth spells generally don't hurt others. you cast a spell of this nature, you could find 10$ on the street, or win some money in the lottery. more often though, your hard work will me noticed and your pay will be raised.

with both spells, you need to put in some effort for them to work. cast the love spell, but talk to him, try to prove why you two are meant together. with a wealth spell, do some extra chores, or work extra hours at work.
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