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Post # 1
Is there possible a spell to forget someone?
I just wanna forget this one person...

(I don't know what topic to put this in)
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Re: Question...
Post # 2

I don't think there really is any spell to make you forget someone.

Sometimes, your body has the ability to forget traumatic experiences because the mind considers the pain that follows the memory as a threat to the body, ergo, the mind shuts out that memory, alowing you to forget.

The best thing to do is to reprocess what happened until the pain of the memory goes away naturally. If the memory is too greatly painful to reprocess, or if you're not sure how to do it correctly, there are other methods you can use as an alternative.

  • It's not a very good idea to use amnesia to forget something.

Reason why is because there are some key things you can learn from the memory of the person. Learn from your mistakes as we call it. If you use amnesia to forget, you could most likely make the same mistake again and suffer greatly a second time.

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Re: Question...
Post # 3
Bummer... I was really hoping there was...
I can't stand remembering the memories we had.
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Re: Question...
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
There's really no sense in lingering to the negative side of memories. All it does is hold you down and hinder you from progressing forward in a positive healthy way. Sure you can say "but it's just this one person I have memories of," but those memories are strong enough to make a difference that greatly impacts your life. Especially when you linger on them negatively. Whatever happened has happened. Don't hold on to it, or even try to hide it. Either way it can fester and build up to the point you have more problems than you wanted. Learn to let things be as you cannot change what has happened. It's done whatever it is. Let it be, let it go. Forgive your self and forgive them. Learn from what has happened and strive to do better as you move forward living for today and hoping for tomorrow. Don't hold the burdens of thepast as a weight upon your shoulder .
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