Am I just.... sensetive?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Am I just.... sensetive?

Am I just.... sensetive?
Post # 1
First of all, I'm not the touchy type. There have to be a lot more than a few bad Words throwed in my direction, to make me angry or hurt.

But lately, a simple thing like, to ask me to 'shut up' or 'be quiet and go away' makes me sad and hurted.
It have been a problem, for a week now. Working in a Group at my school, and my two groupmates - a boy and a girl - have been... hard to handle. Normally, I'm not against doing the Work myself... But they walked out on me, leaving me to do it all - and then taking the credit themselves.
Now, that's not my problem. (Them taking the credit for my Work).
The problem is, that they said that I didn't even wanted to Work with them. That I didn't even wanted to look at them. And as soon as I told the teachers that it wasn't true, my so-called groupmates said that I was lieing, and that I should shut up and piss of.

It Hurts me, like nothing else, that they treated me like that.
For the assignment, they'd get A, and I'd get a C-... When I complained to the teachers, they said that my groupmates must have been telling the truth, because they were two, and I was just one.

It Hurts me, so bad, that I'm thinking about leaving the school...

Have I done something wrong? Or is it something I'm not doing?
And why - all of a sudden - does I feel hurted and sad?

(By the way, I moved into my new flat, last wednesday - the day it all started...)

- Esselte
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Re: Am I just.... sensetive?
Post # 2
Request not to work with people in the future... That's usually how group projects end up anyway...

A single c on one project hardly makes a difference if you learned from it.
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Re: Am I just.... sensetive?
Post # 3
The grade wasn't what bothered me. It was the fact that the teachers thought I lied to them.
And even if I asked, not to work with anyone, they'll force me.
It's a part of the school's politic..
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