Night terrors

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Night terrors
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I suffer from "night terrors" every night. They are like nightmare but are so realistic that sometimes I'll wake up with bite marks, bruises, cuts, scrapes etc. in places that I couldn't have done myself (such as my center back, by my elbow and other weird places). These "night terrors" have been occurring every night for sevral years now and I've become accustom to them. They sometimes worry me that they may be bad for my health but I feel that of I tried to expelled them that it could disconnect me spiritually from a lot of things I've met, felt and/or spoke to.
I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what I should do, and more importantly if someone could tell me what causes these dreams an what they mean.
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Re: Night terrors
Post # 2
I too use to suffer from night terrors. they were very different from all other dreams i had. they were filled with random symbolism and almost always were lucid. and what made them terrifying were the three [ i was followed.. i guess haunted? by three extremely negative and scary spirits ] . they were in every night terror, usually just watching, sometimes speaking to me. anyhow.. i always knew that these dreams themselves were prophetic dreams that god were giving me and the three were just intruding. i didnt want my prophetic dreams to end, but i desperately wanted the three to go away.
i went through a whole crazy mess of things during this time [my friends mother thought i was possessed and tricked me into going to this crazy church where they poured oil on my head and put their hands on my head and prayed in weird talk i couldnt understand..] but what eventually helped was i examined my life and started removing every negative thing i could find from it. they eventually left me alone.. and i still had my symbolistic lucid dreams.. but not as often.
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Re: Night terrors
Post # 3
another thought...
i think maybe you should closely examine these night terrors and try to understand the message they hold. maybe only then can you solve your dilemma.
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