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Body Spells
Post # 1
"Spells to alter your DNA DO. NOT. WORK.!" and in the body spell category it says it alters your body for a period of time? do they work?
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Re: Body Spells
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

There are many fantasy spells throughout the site, and it's likely you'll stumble across some even in the body spell category. No spell, period, will physically alter your body, for any amount of time- long or short, permanent or temporary. Your physical make up will not be changed by spells.

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Re: Body Spells
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Personified explained it perfectly. no spell can do this. it's a category, people place spells in the section they think will alter ones appearance, but they do not because magick doesn't work like you see in movies. in defense of these spells however, 'alters your body for a period of time' it says nothing about physical alterations, so it could be referring to an illusion to make you appear different.

scrolling through the section though i see a lot of 'become a vampire' 'transform into a werewolf' 'mermaid spell [seriously, this one works] ' 'change into a neko' and so on. these don't work.

i also see things like 'have green eyes' 'get curly/straight hair' 'look thinner' and so forth. if these spells were to work, i think they're are more creating an illusion. strangers on the street will see you taller, fitter, more/less tanned than you are now. this spell hasn't effected your physical self in any way though.

third group of spells i see are things like 'get a good nights rest' 'slow down aging' 'relaxation spell' 'open your third eye' 'loose weight' and other spells for self improvement. these spells [slowing down aging process spells depending] will effect the physical self, but you'd need to put in effort to achieve these changes. they work more as motivators, or some form of herbal remedy to help you achieve your goal.

remember all spells need some effort from you, it could be energy, it could be being sociable, could even be eating healthy. it all depends on the spell you cast. any spell that claims something instant and life altering does not work. they are fictional, so don't waste your time.
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