Wire metal pyramid curse

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Wire metal pyramid curse
By: / Novice
Post # 1
My neighbours are North African and practice some elements of witchcraft from this region. We have a history of not getting on (especially after they threw rocks at my cat). For the most part I ignore them but I have just discovered that they have thrown something strange onto my terrace. It's a cost hanger that has had the hook part removed and it's then been twisted into a triangular/ pyramid sort of shape.
Before I attempt to remove it tonight can anyone tell me what it is? This has been very carefully done so it's not some random object.
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Re: Wire metal pyramid curse
Post # 2
hmm sounds like some type of hoodoo, this is serious stuff i would leave it and research cuban santeria spells involvin the shape if you hate some one
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Re: Wire metal pyramid curse
Post # 3
i would casll the police and have them physically (the nieghbors) remove it their selves! say u are scared becaye they practice vooddo and you are not touching it then get a peace order also watch for turned eart around your doorstep and dont let them get in your trash dispose of far away try to make peace with them also there is another one i know of that includes burnibg candles in front of neighbors house at night go on and ask Arathor or some one in that field not psychic also ask in chat
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Re: Wire metal pyramid curse
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I decided to neutralize it with consecrated water and salt. Then I picked it up with a piece of paper and put it in the back of their garden. Once I'd got rid of it (along with an old glove they'd also thrown over?) I cleansed the whole area and performed the LBRP. I keep my trash outside my property boundary so I'm not worried about them getting into that.
These kind of people work with fear so if you don't fear them it takes away their power. I've got a witches bottle in the back garden for protection. I'm more curious about what is was than anything else!
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