Mirror reflection help

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Mirror reflection help
Post # 1
Ok I've been contemplating this and on this the whole day ok I looked in da mirror today right into my eyes and saw myself but it wasn't myself I've been lookn around on this site and the Internet but couldn't really find answers I've heard of a dobbleganger but its wasn't that it was like another me and it look back like it knew i seen it and in the midst of all that i had a deju vu idk I know I'm not crazy I've seen psychiatrists in da past and I'm not diagnosed with anything I just need someone's else input on this or something when I reminisce on it I still see the look it/me gave me idk I might just be goin crazy.. Help anyone???? thanks and blessed be to all
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Re: Mirror reflection help
Post # 2
maybe it was your higher self and we all had therapy one way or other that does not make you crazy also could be a demon dont show fear do banishing ritual and dont look in mirrors for a while at least your eyes! ok i am not expierienced but this is what i would do
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Re: Mirror reflection help
Post # 3
Throughout history, mirrors have been used for divination and such. They are also traditionally associated with fear and evil in several cultures. Others believe that you can see your soul when you look into the mirror, so that could be the case with you.

As far as the deja vu goes, it could signal something about a past life experience. It's possible that you saw your soul in the mirror and that something similar happened in a previous incarnation, or that you saw a particular past life in the mirror, which could potentially explain why it felt like you but wasn't quite you. Sorry if the explanation is a bit muddled; it's weird to explain. Just message me if you want me to explain anything.

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