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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Deity help!

Deity help!
Post # 1
Hello I recently cast a spell to ask my matron and patron come to me and show me signs.

the trouble is I've gotten more than one sign. Someone done graffiti on a wall opposite my bedroom window of an Ankh (sign of Anubis)

I won a raffle and won a small supply of " Trident chewing gum" (sign of either poseidon or Neptune)

Our electric went out and we called in a guy to repair it, the company was called "Apollo" (sign of Apollo)

Other signs have happened, so what should I do?
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Re: Deity help!
Post # 2
end it...any spell a witch can cast...the witch can undo
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Re: Deity help!
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Isn't this a good result? Isn't this what you wanted? You are receiving signs, which means your spell is working. When signs come they are often weird and shrouded in mystery, and they can often be confusing at first. Perhaps all these signs are working together to give you an ultimate answer.
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Re: Deity help!
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I agree with Hollabaluru, you cast a spell, and now you're getting what you wanted. If this isn't what you want, then undo it, but take away a lesson; you get what you ask for.
If this is what you want, and you are just unsure now of what God to chose from, since several have given signs of interest in your life, try researching these deities and decide which one feels right to you. Regardless of who you choose though, I advise thanking all of these Gods for answering your spell.
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Re: Deity help!
Post # 5
Alright, if these signs are happening at random and several of them are happening at once, then there is a pretty good possibility that several deities are interested in your life from different pantheons. If you want them to stop showing up, reverse it as Bea said, however, I personally recommend you research into each of your "indirect" signs. I'm nearly 99% sure that the trident is a symbol for more than just Neptune and Poseidon, and I'm 100% sure that an Ankh is more than a sign of Yinepu (or as the Greeks called him, Anubis). The Ankh is the symbol of life, and it literally reads as "life" in hieroglyphics. Several netjeru (both male and female) carry these and offer them to humans (both Nisut-bity and the rest of humanity).

It would be harder for me to name those netjeru who don't wear or offer the Ankh at some point. Please, don't assume that the Ankh is a symbol of Yinepu, nor that it is necessarily a symbol of a netjer at all. The Ankh has been taken by different groups over the years, the most modern one I can think of at the current time is the culture of Psychic Vampires. They use the symbol, because it is a symbol of life, and thereby the symbol of their continued life. They also use it in that they attempt to falsely link vampirism and the culture, beliefs, and practices of Ancient Kemet. I'm not saying I follow this or believe in what they do (because I don't), I'm merely saying, the Ankh could have appeared for another reason. Goths also tend to wear the Ankh, most without knowing the original meaning of the Ankh.

I'm not downplaying your signs, I'm just saying, maybe they aren't signs, maybe you are so openly pursuing signs that you are being blinded by your own wishes. You want someone to show up and claim you, and because of that, you are causing yourself to see every "sign" out there in the world.

I think you would benefit from sitting down with each of the current deities of your signs, researching them, and working with them. What you are doing right now may confuse you more than help you, as you are getting overwhelmed with signs. I get signs myself, but I always take the time to question if it was really a sign, or if I merely consider it a sign due to looking for one. If you aren't looking for one, and it hits you in the face, it's much more likely to be a true sign than if you are looking for them. ;)

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Re: Deity help!
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
I think you should look at ones that resonate with you, who's qualities you admire more than any other and meditate on it. :)
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