Controlling My Powers

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Controlling My Powers
Post # 1
I am new to magic and I am not very good at doing spells but it seems I am a born fortune teller sort of. Every so often, I either dream about something that will happen or it just comes to me one day. Later on, the think in my vision actually happens. But the thing is, I want them to come to me when I actually want them to, not just any old time. Somebody please help me!!
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Re: Controlling My Powers
Post # 2
I suggest taking up meditation. After you learn how to control your energy you should be able to trigger a lucid dream-like state where you can control your visions. You may not have complete control at first, but you can practice easily and experiment to find methods that work for you. Faith in your own abilities is essential.
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Re: Controlling My Powers
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I agree with holo .In my 20 years of experience I never ever could turn on or off visions I get by Will .And most people I have spoken with on the subject share same experience .
This does not automatically mean that there is not way ,there might be ,but I have tried various things and nothing really works for me so far .So there is a point in which you have to come to terms with what is happening to you and accept it .The faster you do that ,more easy it is for you emotionally .
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Re: Controlling My Powers
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I also agree with Artindark and Halo. Usually my visions are dreams, but sometimes I may have one during the day(I call them Lucid Dream Visions), and you can't just pick and choose when it happens. You simply learn to live with it. Meditation does help with handling it and still functioning in your life while you have the visions, but it won't make them stop. Scrying and meditation may help you to have a vision, but this leaves the possibility of your subconscious just making something up because you're forcing it, and it may not be true. If you do try scrying, I would avoid water scrying, because the water tends to be wishy-washy about the visions it gives, its more likely to be influenced by your own desires and not the actual future/present/past.
My humble opinion and experience.
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