Seeing Aura in Mirror

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Seeing Aura in Mirror
Post # 1
Hello everyone,

I am trying to see my Aura in the mirror. It seems like I am doing it maybe??? Yesterday, I looked at my third eye and everything seemed to become weird, smokey, and stencil-like. I started seeing colors change in my face. The colors were blue, gray, yellow, light yellow. I could not tell if I could see the outside line of my body. (Question: Is the aura colors in the face?) Next, I saw the white in my eyes turn completely black and my face started disappearing. It was like I started seeing the dark night with lots of stars in my face. (Question: What does this mean?) It seemed so unreal. I constantly asked for signs and angels and nothing came.

Today, I tried it again and I could see white around my body, but I think it was because of the bright white ceiling light. (True?) Then I tried to look at the palm of my hand, and I saw black outline, but I think it was because of the shadow behind instead of the actual aura because I had did it again and actually held it front of me and saw yellow.... I am not sure, but could someone help me out here and clarify some things for me.....
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Re: Seeing Aura in Mirror
Post # 2
Alrighty... I'll try to help you out hun.
As for your first question about where aura colors are found, it can vary. I tend to see the colors I see as outlines around people that kind of lag behind them like a video game sprint animation. The trick is to not focus directly -on- the person, but to let your eyes kind of unfocus; try looking just over a person's head or shoulders.

Another useful trick for practicing with seeing auras is to put your hand in front of a plain white surface, like a white wall or white paper. Again, let your eyes unfocus; don't try too hard. I've found excellent practice is watching a teacher lecture in front of a whiteboard.

About your strange experience with the blurry face... Sorry, but I have no answer for that. I'll look into doing some research and I'll shoot you a message if I find anything interesting or noteworthy.

Let me know if this is helpful! It's a really tricky thing to explain; just send me a message if you want me to clarify on anything.

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Re: Seeing Aura in Mirror
Post # 3

I took your advice and looked more toward the shoulders of someone else while they were sleeping and I finally saw the aura radiating blue and yellow colors. It was so amazing! I could not believe I could do it.... Of course, the person thought that it was from my imagination... but overall, I am so happy!
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Re: Seeing Aura in Mirror
Post # 4
I'm super glad to hear that it worked for you! Keep on practicing and feel free to contact me with questions or to tell me how you're coming along.

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