Just Call Me Asia...

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Just Call Me Asia...
Post # 1

So, I'm not exactly sure what to put here. I know little about witchcraft-I tried working on it in middle school, but my Grandma found out and said it was the work of the Devil. I knew better, but of course there was nothing I could do to convince her. I'm hoping to learn how to tap into any magical energy I may have-being ADHD, it's kinda hard for me to concentrate on one thing, but I'm hoping my hard work will pay off. If anyone is willing to teach me how to do so, just message me and I'll be ever so grateful for your help.

I tried getting back into the craft, meeting this Pagan who was born into a family of Witches on FH (Feralhearts). She began teaching me about the Wiccan Rede, even giving me homework and stuff like an actual teacher. But recently she's disappeared. I've messaged her, but sadly I've gotten no responses. Although I'm eager to learn on how to work on spells and such, I'd like to know about the Wiccan Rede and anything else that may be important for me to know before doing so.

So, just a tid bit of information for anyone who is willing to help, I'd love it if you gave me homework. I have two journals; one for the Wiccan Rede my Witch friend from FH taught me (I only got to, like, the first few, but she didn't exactly explain to me what they meant) and the other for the homework she assigned me. If you're willing to do this as well, I'd really appreciate it. Please and Thank You.

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Re: Just Call Me Asia...
Post # 2
Hello and welcome to SOM Asia!(:
I would look as some other basics such as grounding, centering & shielding. Also, maybe some mediation techniques! You'll also find some great articles on this website. If you need anymore help, feel free to message me! Good luck.

- Francis.
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Re: Just Call Me Asia...
Post # 3

Thanks for the welcome! I'm quite happy to be here. :) I'll make sure to look into those subjects when I have free time. Again, thank you for the advice.

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