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Fringe knowledge
Post # 1
A friend of mine made a website for discussion of psychedelics, meditation, mythology, occult, and general magic/fringe discussion. We're just starting out and looking for advice on how we can improve it.

Please check it out and tell us what you think.
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Re: Fringe knowledge
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
It's kind of like advertising but you're asking for help on making it better... I wonder what the mods will do, possibly dump this post in the Ad area.

Well a thing I first notice is to change the tab name. Instead of /fringe/ - Fringe, you could just have Fringe.

[ r9k / m / fringe / pony ] [ new / int ] [ 555 ] [ meta / rules / banners / catalog / irc / mc ] [ home ] That there just looks like a bunch of garbly goop and most people won't notice it is a bar of different parts of the site. I suggest making a side table or even a table on the top (much like this site) with those buttons. Also make some of the titles a bit more better, instead of r9k, name it something people will know the page is about.

Make a homepage. The first page looks like a mixture of forms, daily chat, and random posts from people I am not too sure are. Not sure if they are the admin or member or what. The homepage is also used to explain in a summary of what the site is about. This makes it attract more people that searched for it on Google, Yahoo, and ect. You can even have daily news on the front on certain events or what you have discovered.

The picture that says is very misleading since this site is If it is a sponsor, than I advise it to be on a side table that says "Sponsors". This makes people that come and see that there is another site that maybe just like yours with a little more information.

This is optional but still something always to look into. Try to have an IP address tracking. This is a security measure to protect the site from spammers. This also lets you know when someone changes their name and picture, this way one person doesn't gang up on another person, that is cyber bullying. Also with the IP addresses, you can set up a banned or gag on them for a limit of time or forever. However, there are ways to bypass it, but you can block their bypass.

Everything else, even though it is sloppy, is still okay. The background is easy on the eyes and the text works with the background. It seems to be a simple form for people to post their findings or discuss certain matters. You can keep working on it to draw more eyes and even make another site much like this one.
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Re: Fringe knowledge
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Advertisements from General Info.
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Re: Fringe knowledge
By: / Novice
Post # 4

The website is build like 4Chan so that's why it looks the way it does and this is for anyone that points out the horrible homepage and gross layout

Which for the record I think 4Chan has a stupid layout and i think stealing it might actually be illegal

Just taking a quick look at that website I believe I saw a board with porn which personally disgusted me so instantly I closed the tab as I didn't need to see much more but while I was there I noticed a My Little Pony board

Seriously? If you're trying to advertize for a single board then everyone going to that website would prefer there aren't board likes that on there I'd assume

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