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Post # 1
Hi could someone plz help. i av been hearing 2 voices dat jus wake me up n dnt tell me anythg. its a womans voice n a mans voice. wen i ask wat dey want, dey keep quite. i knw i am partially psyhic, could dis be an advancement of my abilities
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Re: Voices
Post # 2
This could very will be an advancement of your abilities. And, I have a trick that I use that may help you; you're going to need very good concentration for it though. Here's what I do, no matter how many voices I hear, I always isolate one and just listen to it. Don't try to make out words, just listen and focus on that voice. As you focus, the rest of the voices just seem to silence themselves, and eventually you can hear what the one voice is saying.
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Re: Voices
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

I would ask them to speak in more clear way if they want to be understood .It is very annoying if you go on about your day or night with constant rambling around you .I tell spirits to speak to the point or to leave .

You do not mention clearly if you heard them in your head or they sounded rather somewhere out of you, but in near physical distance ?I know it is hard sometimes to outsource the exact direction from where the voices came from ,but it is important to notice .Are you sure that you did not dream those voices and they came out from the physical world ?I am asking because it can be sometimes confusing ,while switching states of mind .If they keep disturbing you ,you better take a charge of the situation .

They might not want anything from you and they simply communicated between each other near by ,without realizing someone can hear them or it can be echo .

Do some research on clairaudience and start exercising it if that feels appropriate ,however as I said you better take control of those skills ,or you can end up having very hard time getting by with your life .

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Re: Voices
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
It is also quite possible that if you are hearing them in your sleep so that they wake you up that they are part of your dreams rather than from any outside source. That would explain why they don't answer you when you wake up and ask them what they want.
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