Energy protection

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Energy protection
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Normal headache due to stress etc.
So I tend to get a headache while doing excessive amounts of work or when I'm upset or something.This is not for a migraine.
Okay close your eyes and try to relax,breathe in and out slowly.Find the area of your head that hurts and visualize purple light bathing that area/your entire body this light can also be visualized being emitted from a pentagram.You will feel the pain subside and leave you for extra measures I also bathe myself in blue and green light.
Psychic attack
If you have a headache however from a psychic attack picture yourself in a room.This room is a representation of your mind now bathe the room in pure white light of the heavens.Now focus on one area and picture a pentagram on that spot let it grow in size and picture light comming from it,move around the room putting up pentagrams of purple light on the walls.You will feel better and the headache shall be gone.But there are strong psychics out there if they are still trying to get though your shields you will know by a prickling feeling/a force in your head.Picture the room again and walk around it place pentagrams all around the room.Now imagine a person behind the pentagram,this is your enemy the one hurting you picture a purple pentagram of fire on them/over them.This is you using energy to keep them out,you are personally banishing them from your head like kicking them out while the pentagrams in the room is a firm wall that will keep them out.You can then bathe the room in blue and green healing energy and picture yourself surrounded by white and blue light.The white light is powerful and would reflect all bad energies,the blue light shall heal you if you ever need it.It is very important however that when you are picturing yourself wrapped in light that it be in the shape of a protective bubble around you.In your mind say:
I welcome all positive things to stay
All negativity you shall not enter or lead me astray
Your shield shall only let good things through the way to know if this worked is to note how you feel.I feel safe,happy and energetic.Its like I can feel the shield around me.If you are new to this whenever you have time reinforce your shield.Just repeat the procedure all over again till you get it right.

Ward your home
Close your eyes and visualize your house(every detail of the outside of your house from the starting point your front door all the way around the house and back to your front door),once you get an exact copy of your house in your head walk around it(in the yard in your mind).As you walk around it picture yourself leaving a white glistening trail around your house.Now focus on this trail and picture it shimmering brightly,this white light is now a white wall of light in the shape of a dome around your house.Imagine it shining brightly now say in your head or oout loud the power of the moon stars and sun lies within you white may you shine bright now and always keeping me safe all throughout the (night/day or both).Now imagine blue blazing light within the white fiery wall,this blue energy shall heal and protect you say:let no darkness enter hear let only peace and tranquility reside here.Now picture green gas surrounding the entire place outside your house and picture white light entering your home only and say:white light search out all evil or dark entities,energy or magic within this place and send it far away.Only good shall reside here and positivity shall reign here.
Close your eyes and then invoke the elements.White light like the fire you shall burn and let light into my life lighten up my home and removing darkness from within this place.Blue light like water you shall only let tranquility in and like air you shall sweep away all negativity.Green light you shall be as strong as earth and add power to all things good within this space.Ward may you stand strong and do not fall.As of my will you shall not brake.Let only good in and keep evil at bay.Send all negativity away.
Okay so you dont have to do all of that a simple ward with only the colors of the energies you wish to enter your home will do fine.However with this detail method you shall be programming your ward to keep out all things negative.By stating it with words you are making your intentions clear and known.By invoking the elements you will be given it there strengths.
If you believe in angels then you can invoke them.I also like to ask for the angels protection before I sleep each night.Asking them to keep me and my family safe until morning's light.

These techniques have been useful to me.It is my own creation from many hours and months of research(3 months)from different sources.It combines different methods of shielding into one.This method uses a spell and visual ward to keep all bad entities or energies out.Either one of the methods can be used alternatively
but I like to be safe than sorry hence the whole double protection bit.
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Re: Energy protection
Post # 2
Very Nice post and I am Sorry I don't read whole of it but it's about shielding So I would like to present some advices
1* Never do only shielding or just start from shielding it will fade very fast you must meditate Then Center yourself Then grounding and then shield yourself
2* Not necessary to say anything while shielding visualization works perfect...
3* Not necessary to think of white light A shield must be like a water bubble not shining not doing anything just giving protection just make a transparent shield giving layer innermost strong middle one semipermiable and outtermost slippery surfaces so all the unwanted energies just slip...
4* it's suggested that Your shield shield get it's energy just from you and only you not from anything else..
Blessed Be
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Re: Energy protection
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
It's not a must be that the shield shoupd be water like. A shield is constructed based upon the needs and purpose for the shield. You can make elemental based shields or a shield constructed like a box. There's also the shield that can be constructed when you ground using the tree method in which the shield is made by extensions of the roots. There's many ways to make them. And each shield has its own weakness that can shatter the shield, so to say, easily when hit. Nor is it necessary to set up layers; however, if implemented right it can be quite useful. There's also a matter that some shields can cause you to be more noticed of having a shield and being a person whom works with energy by others who are sensitive to energy and/or works with energy as well.
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